It’s The Debt, Stupid

In 2008 and 2012, Republican candidates ran for all sorts of Congressional offices, as well as the White House on a platform which contained a clear and present danger signal, the National Debt.

Specifically these GOP hopefuls urged immediate steps to gain control of the year after year growing deficit. Of course, none of the candidates acknowledged that deficits became a part of American life again when George W Bush pushed through two Federal income tax cuts in the early 2000s, and to make matters worse, Bush also pushed through increased Government spending. To this day, there are Republicans who still think “debt” is the single biggest issue. Hmmm.

To be sure, ever increasing debt should be a concern.

First, what happens when interest rates rise and the Government must refinance the existing debt? The generally accepted fear is the debt service would squeeze out other items currently in the budget.

Second, the US debt reflects a basic division within our political world where raising taxes are a no-no, and cutting defense or entitlements is just as fiercely defended. In essence, our Government can not make decisions.

Economists today say the US in missing an important opportunity where it could borrow (and raise the national debt) at negligible interest rates, invest that money in badly needed infrastructure repair, and put millions to work at the same time. Sound like a no brainer?

During President Obama’s last 6 years the Congressional climate has unfortunately been a clear “no” to anything that might reflect positively on the Democrat President. One must wonder what there is about a Congressional job that makes grown adults act so childlike?

The chickens are on their way home to roost. The GOP standard bearer, Donald Trump appears headed for a resounding defeat. With no record of accomplishment to offer, GOP Congressional candidates are running scared. What will these candidate promise to do more of and that has worked so well in the past?

The debt is important, but far more important is the deliberative process necessary to pass laws which will help all Americans.

Repealing Obamacare must be replaced by a call to modify the Affordable Care Act so that more Americans receive excellent basic healthcare, at lower prices.

Defunding Planned Parenthood must shift to proposing means to provide complete women’s healthcare services, especially to those who can’t afford Park Avenue private clinics.

And the nonsense surrounding comprehensive immigration reform must evolve to recognizing 11 million undocumented aliens represent an important shadow component to our economy, both as workers and consumers. Most Americans (but certainly not all) see Mexicans as hard working, family centered, and religious people (just like they see themselves). Somehow, in political double-talk, these Mexicans have become a lesser people.

If the GOP is on the ropes in this 2016 election, they have no one to blame but themselves. Hypocrisy, petty issues, and an underlining negativity towards President Obama have run their course.

The Democrat Party might not be pristine, but in a side by side comparison, it is easier for a Democrat to promise “I won’t do that” and be believed than a GOP member.

November will tell if Americans see it that way too.

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