A Sound Thrashing May Miss The Mark

In the early weeks, post nominating convention period, Democrat Hillary Clinton appears to be pulling away from Republican Donald Trump. Her lead seems a result of sound “on the ground” campaigning, well financed campaign spending, and the complete opposite for the Republicans and Donald Trump. Hmmm.

If the current situation continues, Donald Trump will receive a well deserved thrashing and be sent back to his “Mar-a-Lago Club” in West Palm Beach, Florida to explain away his defeat.

While this may sound good, Trump’s disgrace and defeat could enable voters to overlook far more important matters. What about the GOP’s behavior for the past 6 years? What about the GOP’s platform and complete disregard for the average American, the LBGT community, undocumented workers, women, and healthcare?

Ironically, a landslide Trump defeat could result in a GOP loss of control of the Senate and possibly even the House. Such an outcome could be internalized by the GOP as down ballot collateral damage, not the result of policies squarely on the wrong side of history. With such an analysis, Republicans will again be reluctant to re-invent themselves into a relevant political party.

To be sure, it would be a very courageous move for the GOP to, in essence, jettison some of its narrow and petty factions whose goals do not help all Americans, play to minority prejudices, and attempt to conceal handouts to the wealthiest Americans.

Danger also lies in a Democrat landslide victory. Progressive views must be balanced by pragmatic counter views, or progressives will spend, spend, spend.

With income inequality acting as a malignant cancer spending through out the American body, there is not much time for another just say no Congress, or one that just says yes to more spending.  We need two Parties working on a common set of goals.

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