Are The Emails Important?

Republicans have made a big deal about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account as well as a private server to conduct official business while she was Secretary of State. Acting “holier than thou”, one Republican politician after another has pronounced Clinton’s action as nefarious to outright treasonous.

“How could Secretary Clinton have been so brash in risking America’s security”, many Republicans have said  in various ways. Other Republicans have suggested the private emails were an attempt by the Clintons to enrich themselves by connecting Clinton Foundation donors with key government officials, including Hillary Clinton herself, for the purpose of fulfilling a “pay to play” arrangement. Hmmm.

As disgusting as these accusation might appear, so what?

There is probably not a single elected member of Congress who has not and will not continue to connect private citizens, especially those who have donated to their campaign, to some other government official. And one can be sure that members of key Congressional Committees are very active in representing key contributors interests in Congressional proceedings. That’s simply how it works.

There are many plausible explanations why Hillary Clinton chose to use a private email server and account. For sure the expectation of privacy ranks high in the list of probable reasons.

Clinton had every reason to expect Conservative groups would try to subpoena her records and go fishing for questionable contacts or judgements which might be used against her in future political campaigns. A private email account was Hillary’s answer.

The important question that lies before American voters is whether to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Are the Emails Important in this context?

Consider this

Has Donald Trump told voters the truth about his actual wealth and personal finances. Does Trump owe money to foreign courses? Would these sources present any conflicts to a Trump Presidency?  Do you believe if Trump did release his tax returns these returns would confirm his claims of charitable donations, amount and sources of income, and amount of wealth? Do you think Trump has paid Federal income taxes? Would Trump’s tax returns represent a positive example for a President?


Is Donald Trump too familiar and reliant with making money via bankruptcy law? Has he undertaking business deals where he took a cut “off the top” and then when the projects floundered, did he take advantage of the smaller players (like subcontractors) in the deal? Is this the type of personal behavior one wants in a President?


Is Donald Trump knowledgeable in world affairs and foreign leaders? Does Trump have the focus and attention span sufficient to absorb and understand the endless number of position and fact papers his domestic and national security experts would present him? Is Trump a good bet to be Commander in Chief?

These type of questions could go on and on.

American voters might prefer a President who did not have so many self interests and potential conflicts of interest.  Americans would very much prefer to hear a Presidential candidate promise not to enrich themselves or their supporters as a consequence of their Presidency.   I am afraid voters are doomed to be disappointed with the choice of Trump or Clinton.

But wait, some say Trump will surround himself with competent people. The burdens of the Presidency will not drown Trump, we are told. Hmmm. (Do you remember George W Bush’s 8 years?)

Back to the Emails.

IMO, the emails are irrelevant. There is no reason to believe that Donald Trump is more honest, less interested in person aggrandizement, or would be more professional in his approach to being President than Hillary Clinton.

On the contrary, there is every reason to believe Hillary Clinton, compared to past Presidents is as or more intelligent, articulate, and broadly experienced to be President.

All in all I do not think Hillary’s Emails offer any new information.

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