Meet The Press

The drums are beating. Their sound is getting louder. Does Hillary hear them? Will she heed their call?

Will Hillary Clinton, after almost a year, hold a press conference? Could this be the beginning of another Benghazi, private email server usage, or too cozy a relationship with the Clinton Foundation?

According to news reports Hillary Clinton has not held a news conference in 274 days.  What?  What is she hiding conservative sources wonder out loud. Tim Kaine said Hillary talks to reporters regularly on the campaign trail.

Hillary already has a well populated web site full of policies, facts, and figures. So what’s the big concern?

Do reporters want to quiz her more in-depth on how this program or that one would work? Are reporters so unclear about what Clinton stands for that they seek a basic educations? Or, is the news media just wanting to go fishing and see what new, juicy, story they can uncover?

Certainly if a reporter is conservative leaning, digging up some dirt would serve the cause well. Mainstream media would also enjoy a scoop but likely are wondering if the lack of “news conferences” telegraphs what is to come in a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

Lack of Presidential transparency can hide some ill conceived policy decisions which are turning out even worse. (This would represent the noblest of concerns). Or, maybe the news media sees desert-lile conditions ahead.  The press may worry there will not be enough material to fill newspapers or fill on-line media columns. (This strikes at reporters’ pocket books and is a sure fire reason to call her out).

IMO, Clinton sees little good that can come from frequent press conferences and much harm. She likely expects lots of “gotcha” questions along with “have you stopped beating your daughter” type. In short, she sees little upside and signifiant chance of downside blow back. And on top of this, the polls still have the race Hillary’s to lose. So why should she take on risk?

The Presidential debates are just ahead. Should the first one not go well for Hillary, I would expect her to change her press conference policy and invite the press in with open arms. On the other hand, if Hillary thumps the Donald, then the Hillary “no press conferences” strategy will probably continue.

Like releasing tax returns, there are no laws or requirements for a Presidential candidate to hold press conferences. Rather periodic press conferences keep the press from naked speculation and  promotes an air of openness around the Administration.

Clinton would be wise to break this “no press conference” streak and begin a new one of periodic, scheduled press conferences. There are for sure press corp members who will seek to report (or infer) the worst side of any issue. There are many others who will report straight up. Since those who seek the worst will still report unsupported suspicions, wouldn’t it be better to have the rest of the press correcting the record by reporting from a neutral perspective?

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