What’s Happening In Ohio?

A Bloomberg poll of likely voters conducted this week in Ohio place Donald Trump 4 points ahead of Hillary Clinton. In the “battleground” State, this is great news for Trump and the Republican ticket and bad news for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. What’s going on in Ohio that does not appear to be showing in the rest of the country?

Could it be that there are a lot of workers who are either unemployed or are making less wages, and think NAFTA is the cause?

Could it be that there are a lot of coal miners who see renewable energy as the enemy and Hillary Clinton as the clean energy champion?

Could it be that there are a lot of voters who think Donald Trump is offering a thoughtful clear message and will follow through on his promises if elected? Hmmm.

For sure Ohio does have a lot of workers who have lost very good paying jobs due to globalization and NAFTA. But unless these voters believe Donald Trump can push water up hill, there is no way the auto industry can return to the wage and productivity levels of the 80s and before. The world has changed regardless of what Trump says.

In a similar manner the coal industry is also heading in a one way direction which will translate into less mining jobs each year. Global warming is real and national efforts to curb greenhouse gases will contribute to eliminate miners each year. Trump may promise otherwise but again he will not be able to deliver.

Donald Trump’s campaign promises have been anything but clear and consistent. He has promised huge tax cuts while also promising to increase significantly defense spending, fix the infrastructure, hand out new benefits for new parents, and provide tax relief for child care costs. Either Trump’s promises have entered the “free lunch” territory or he is planning to cut drastically Medicare, Medicaid, and other safety net programs (which these Ohio Trump supporters also depend dearly upon).

IMO, the Bloomberg Ohio poll has probably captured a skewed picture of how Ohio will ultimately vote. For sure there will are disgruntled manufacturing workers and coal workers who will vote for Trump. There are also in Ohio a contingent of loyal Republican voters who will see Trump as the lesser of two evils.

In the Clinton column, however, there should be the usual suspects, women, immigrants, African Americans, gays, and college educated voters in general. The election will be much closer (baring any new political events) than the 4 points Bloomberg is now citing.

Trumps campaign genius has been its ability to steer the news media away from any substantive discussion of Trump’s promises. The proposals simply do not add up and will most likely hurt most of the people Trump is intent upon getting to vote for him. Hmmm.

The 4 point lead should frighten many people, Democrats and Republicans alike. At this point Trump is a total unknown other than he has made a career of taking his cut off the top. The nature of Trump’s franchising business will expose him to conflicts of interest like never before.

Trump’s conflicts will make the Clinton Foundation look like the Girl Scouts.

In the approximate 8 weeks of campaigning that is left, Clinton must focus upon how Trump’s promises will not work and do not add up financially. Trump’s traits as a xenophobe, anti-immigrant, and religious bigot need no further explanation. All the world recognizes these traits.

Trump’s policies, not to mention the GOP’s, just do not add up unless there are to be large cuts to healthcare (most Americans), Medicare (retirees), and Medicaid (poor Americans), Under Trump’s proposals, the very wealthy win again, and win big.

How exactly does that aid auto workers or coal miners?

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