Who Wants To Be President?

Asking the question, “who wants to be President” seems unnecessary since both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are spending gobs of money asking for American voters to pick them. But do the candidates recognize how dysfunctional Congress is and will be regardless of which party controls the Senate or the House? Hmmm.

Odds are that the House will remain in Republican control and the Senate may swing back to Democrat control. Under such an arrangement, few if any of Hillary’s proposals will clear the House and none of Trumps ideas about “fixing things” will clear the Senate. And after the GOP’s debacle with Merritt Garland and the Supreme Court, don’t count on any Trump nominees even getting an up or down vote (get even time!).

The GOP controlled House would likely continue “blue ribbon” investigations and more hearings like those concerning Benghazi and the Clinton email servers. Anything to discredit and marginalize a President Clinton would be fair game.

In a Trump Presidency, he may be in for a surprise. All of his campaign promises involving spending may meet strong (suicidal looking) resistance from the “freedom coalition”. (Imagine that those who forced Speaker John Boehner out are not much happier with Paul Ryan, and are bent upon divisive bills including paths to again shut down the government even this close to the general election). Most of Trump’s ideas and proposal are the antithesis of Tea Party and Freedom Coalition members’ preferences.

For a President Clinton, she could see (and would profit if she saw) the Presidency as an opportunity to recuperate her reputation. If she allows the House to continue its unproductive if not outrightly dysfunctional behavior, she would appear in sharp contrast as both the President and the only adult in the room. In doing so, she would pave the way for other talented women to follow.

For a President Trump, the mere idea of how he would react if he did not get his way seems unfathomable. A President Trump might, under such circumstances, turn his attention to boosting his personal assets now held is a “blind” trust by his children. This temptation would be extraordinarily strong, if only for the satisfaction of doing something he was not suppose to do.

A President Trump could boast about how vigorous he was as the oldest elected President. A President Clinton, in turn, could revel in the recognition that she was the first women elected President. Either could accept a noncontroversial figure head role, and host great White House parties. Either one could occupy their time raising money and getting ready for the next Presidential election. But knowing these two candidates, which one would want that prospect.

Considering this possibility, maybe the poll takers might change their favorite questions about “do you trust Hillary” or “is Donald qualified” and instead ask the hypothetical, “why would a sane individual want to be President when the Congress is populated with elected officials who as a group have demonstrated the inability to govern?” Hmmm.

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