Ted Steps Up

Ted Cruz announced yesterday he would vote for Donald Trump. Hmmm.

One can ponder the motivation that engulfed Cruz and brought him to this endorsement. His words were that he could not support Hillary Clinton and (implied) he would hold his nose and endorse the Trump-ster. Trump said he was honored to receive this endorsement.

This comedy of the absurd is just another chapter in an extremely unconventional Presidential race. Ted Cruz is probably the most unqualified person, a step further than Trump himself, to become President. So for Cruz to say he was trying to save America from Hillary clinton is asking the listener to overlook Cruz’ fringe position.

Cruz is squarely his own best fan. Almost every move Cruz performs in public is for his own self aggrandizement. But then who cares. The evangelicals think Ted walks on water. The Tea Party-ers love his “government shut down” charades. And the “truth challenged” love Ted Cruz for who he is, “lie’n Ted”.

The Clinton camp should take note but not get exercised over this endorsement. Cruz is the darling of a very finite group. The un-obvious concern, however, is that Trump is consolidating the Republican (I won’t vote for Hillary) base, adding one more extreme faction.

Trump is the antithesis of Cruz’ evangelical supporters. Trump has a reserved place in Hell’s waiting line (should there be such a line). And with the Trump “give aways” he has promised voters so far (infrastructure spending, new child care support, and enormous tax cuts), he must have real conservatives and the Tea Party crowd apoplectic. How does Ted reconcile this “free lunch” spirit?

For the Trump campaign this endorsement must come as an expected (and welcomed) surprise. As long as Cruz keeps his mouth shut or reads from a teleprompter, Cruz support removes someone who might have lobbed a grenade in the closing days of the race.

But then, reading from a teleprompter seems good advice for the Donald too.

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