The First Debate, What To Watch For

If you are a betting person, tonight is an opportunity to make a quick buck. Find your mark and ask the following:

  • Will Donald Trump reveal any specifics on policies or promises?
  • Or, will Trump say he has a plan (like to beat ISIS) but it must remain secret so that ISIS will not have time to react?
  • Or, Will Donald Trump lay out a comprehensive, fact based explanation of what a Trump Administration will do to create jobs and how it will pay for these expense?

There is of course little mystery about the paucity of fact that Trump has so far revealed. There has been virtually none and tonight there will likely be none.

Trump is likely to infer that Hillary Clinton has done in the past will do this or that negative action in the future, all said in a manner that invites “no I won’t” or “no, I didn’t do that”.

In summary, Trump will promise the moon and claim Hillary has failed at every turn in the road. Style will be key and Trump should handle himself well, especially for those who lean his way.

If you see Hillary going over chapter and verse about this proposal or that one, switch to the Monday Night Football game, because this debate game will be over. Trump needs only establish that he is capable of handling himself for 90 minutes and look tough in the process.

At this stage of the race, Hillary has used her ammunition to expose how unfit Donald Trump is to be President. It is turning out few people seem to care.

More and more voters are glomming onto the notion that Trump will somehow bring about his policy proposals and his details are not important. Logic based voters already know there is not a shred of truth in Trump’s promises. Trump supporters, on the other hand, will have none of it. Unfortunately too many potential Hillary voters are hung up on her unfavorables and not what is at stake if Trump does win.

With Hillary, America will have a center left Supreme Court, a steady force ensuring a woman’s right to reproductive health, religious freedom without the right to discriminate, a tone at the top calling for comprehensive immigration reform, an advocate for serious job creation and a steady hand on America’s foreign policy.

If you hear that, it will have been a good night for Hillary.

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