Something For Everyone?

Last night’s Presidential debate provided Donald Trump’s or Hillary Clinton’s supporters just what they wanted to hear. Trump supporters were delighted at his “in your face” style while Hillary supporters reflected upon a smooth, fact filled, polished debate presentation. So this morning the question is, who won?

The answer at one level is immaterial. There are still two more debates and almost 6 weeks of campaigning before the election, during which almost anything can happen. On a different level, the early opinion poll results mixed with pundits evaluations says that Hillary changed no Trump supporters’ minds and Trump won over no Hillary fans either.


The debate may have, however, put the spotlight on the path to a Clinton victory. There is no image in anyone’s mind of a previous President with the experience, temperament, and behavior of Donald Trump. There is simply no previous example to judge Trump against.

It would appear Hillary must make an unforced error and scare away supporters in order for Trump to secure enough additional votes to win. Similarly, Hillary’s debate presence was Presidential and convincing that she could assume the “commander in chief” role.

Hillary’s task, therefore, will be to hold current supporters and enable those on the fence to grow worried about wasting their vote on Trump or Johnson.

The election contest is far from over. National or world events could provide Trump ammunition for further “unsubstantiated” claims that he would be a better President than Hillary. Were there any question before, last evening Donald Trump left no doubt that he would say anything, provable or not, to make his points.

Stay tuned.

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