The Quote Too Far

The 2016 Presidential Race may have ended last evening. The Washington Post released an audio recording of Donald Trump speaking with former “Access Hollywood” MC Billy Bush. Over the audio, listeners can hear Trump objectivize-ing women in the crudest of ways. In a spin effort the Trump campaign likened the audio to “locker room talk”. Hmmm.

The issues raised with this audio are several.

  • First, this type of behavior is not what most people have in mind for their commander in chief. Borderline voters will not be swung over with this language.  Trumps chances of climbing above 40% are now nil.
  • Second, the whole gambit of attacking Hillary in the next debate by accusing her husband Bill Clinton of womanizing is no longer a viable tactic.
  • Third, what does this revelation call out about the Republican Party itself?
  • And fourth, how did this audio just suddenly become available?

There are plenty of other Americans who have, and are still engaged in similar talk and actions which see women as objects. These behaviors are often complicated with the involved women seeing something they want (like notoriety with a star, cult participation, or just self satisfaction with attention). Never the less, taking advantage of someone else is a very serious leadership weakness.

The second Presidential debate has been depicted as Trump’s last chance to turn his Presidential race momentum around. Using accusations of Bill Clinton to unnerve Hillary was a long shot strategy in the first place. With this tape of Trump on the web, even intimations about Bill would be like Trump pointing a gun at his head and saying shoot me first.

The Republican Party leadership’s complicit support of Trump might be overlooked by the general public. Although this could, on other subjects, apply equally to Democrats, the GOP leadership’s pandering to Donald Trump reveals a serious lack of basic values and purpose. Republicans worshiped only winning and retaining its donor base.

The GOP has accepted members from desperate groups who hated this or hated that. From 1992, when Bill Clinton was elected President, the Republican Party has championed any purpose or cause that paid enough. There has not been a cause or principle which denied others something that the GOP did not champion.

During President Obama’s Presidency, factions within the GOP were quite willing to shut the government down, renege on the Federal Debt, and avoid the “advise and consent” role, ultimately leading to the refusal to consider Merritt Garland as a replacement on the Supreme Court.  Donald Trump’s support (or at least refusal to disassociate the GOP from him) is coming home to roost.

But why this release of the tape now? How did the audio suddenly become available? Could the “media establishment” suddenly reached the point where they felt Trump could not be left to eek out a victory and become President?

In the next few days, most likely, the smoking gun will be revealed. I just do not think the release and its timing was by chance.

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2 Comments on “The Quote Too Far”

  1. resterrestern Says:

    Both candidates are terrible! Media………. tend to manipulate people

    • Thanks for comment, which I tend to agree with. IMO, Hillary and Donald are poor choices for quite different reasons. Great people are shaped by events and how they react… I can’t see Donald ever rising to a statesman position.

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