The Real Divide Behind The Division Over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The American voter is facing a real quandary and probably most do not know it. Media outlets have focused, to their financial benefit, on the sensational aspects of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s suitability to be commander in chief. After an exhausting 18+ months, the polls are condensing upon Hillary Clinton as the President. So, will the sun shine and birds sing following the election?

Almost certainly the days after the election will look like the last four years. For some, a President Clinton is far better than a President Trump.  But will it matter?  Probably not as much as voters expect.  Here’s why.

The Republican Party is an amalgam of extreme and self interest groups, each championing their own narrow views and unwilling to unite for consensus, even with other Republican groups. The GOP’s bevy of religious factions wish, among other demands, to impose their views on other American bedrooms. The “big” GOP tent hold libertarian thinkers who want Government to stay out of people’s lives. These libertarians want the US to keep out of foreign entanglements while other GOP groups want a larger military and, of course, lower taxes. Tax code reform is everyone’s favorite as long as the reform does impact that group. Hmmm.

The Democrat Party has its baggage too. Reliance upon African American, Hispanic, and Union voters causes the Democrat Party to avoid serious review of entitlement programs’ efficacy in favor of “politically correct” speak. Pragmatic discussions on healthcare, education, and ending poverty are largely absent. Add to this, the uphill battle for campaign financing support drives Democrats to call for middle class pay raises while in the back ground supporting Wall Street.

Still wondering why there were so many supporters for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders?

This does not imply that it makes no difference which candidate, Trump or Clinton, is actually elected. IMO, one is qualified, may not be likable enough, but is a safer bet in a storm. The other is all bluster, no substance, and seemingly sure to find ways to benefit himself financially. Clinton is the wise bet against the unknown.

Neither Clinton nor Trump, however, can be expected to reform either the Democrat or the Republican Parties. Washington dysfunction will remain a given, until Republicans take on reform seriously. A successful Republican reform will drive Democrat change in order to survive.

Following the 2012 election, the GOP conducted a post election exam. The study laid out a serious of policy changes which would place Republicans more in line with trending demographics. Change not only did not take place but a hearty field of 16 traditional GOP hopefuls plus one maverick, Donald Trump, competed for the Presidential nomination. And guess who won.

If this election does not lead to a complete reshape of the Republican Party, the GOP will continue to be obstructionists and be justifiably labeled as disillusioned. Possibly worse could be the emergence of other “Donald Trump types”, possibly from a military background, who are not narcissistic, womanizing, or a bully, who can mount a respectable campaign and win.

This person will be essentially a third party candidate rising above  the GOP’s ashes. Hmmm.

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