The Morning After

The second Presidential debate is over. Waking up this morning, a lot of people are experiencing a sickening feeling in their stomachs. What happened last night in St Louis?  Was this debate between two adults?

In a show of unrestrained guile and bullying of the first order, Donald Trump rambled around the stage issuing one misleading statement after another. There was no moderator question that Trump chose to answer, preferring instead to deviate to a topic he wished to discuss.

Oh, and did I mention Trump chose the lowest road possible with no greater insight into any Trump programs.

For example, Trump promised “big time” tax cuts for the middle class and alleging Clinton would bring the middle class the largest tax increase ever.  Trump omitted mentioning that his plan also includes eliminating many middle class tax deductions. Trump also forgot to mention the wealthy’s bonus, whopping tax reductions.

Clinton, on the other hand, took the high road and made clear that only incomes higher than $250,000 would see a tax increase in her plan. Pretty clear but in the theatrics last night, the point was lost, I fear, on the middle class.

There were many lost opportunities which Hillary missed. Trump as usual repeated statements which have been continually shown as misstatements, with even more emphasis. With hand gestures and menacing facial glares, Trump tried to sell his message.

For Trump’s already committed followers, his performance was brilliant. But for those who were aware of facts, or those who were suspicious of Trump’s past statements, there was just the foul smell of a deplorable person and an aching realization that Donald Trump was representing one of America’s two largest parties. What has happened to American political life?

If there had been any questions following the release of Access Hollywood lewd and disgusting “locker room” video, there should be now none. Trump is all in.

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2 Comments on “The Morning After”

  1. resterrestern Says:

    It was a terrible debate!

    • Agree. It was not a debate in any sense of discussing policy, there was no “I propose this, and this is why it is important”. In terms of behavior, what more can I say.

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