Misplaced Criticism?

Republican leaders are wringing their wrists over the prospect that Donald Trump is, has, or will bring about the Party’s ruin. Well here’s a news flash. Stop worrying, the GOP is already, has been for some time, and will continue to become more dysfunctional and unequipped to govern unless there are significant changes.

While Donald Trump is a poor choice for the Party’s standard bearer, the Republican Party, itself, reflects a Party, which for the sake of retaining their elected seats and the perks that go with them, has opted to cobble together under the GOP banner desperate factions which have little to offer the average American. In doing so, the GOP, despite what they claim, has drifted out of the American mainstream. Following the Republican loss in 2012, a blueprint, to make the GOP more relevant and for regaining the White House was defined. Nothing changed.

Think about some of the other candidates Donald Trump beat to get the nomination.  Ted Cruz?  Mean, nasty, and self centered.  Marco Rubio, young, inexperienced, and desperate to become wealthy.  Ben Carson, a good doctor but out of his league in politics.  And so on.

The main GOP stumbling block is the collection of policies it has cobbled together in an attempt to appeal to as many supporters and special interests as possible.  What results is a platform which says everything and nothing at the same time.

Here are some obvious out of touch policies.

First, tax policy. Republicans seemed set on offering tax breaks for the wealthy in every tax proposal they put forth.  Republicans claim lower income taxes will unleash entrepreneurial spirit and jobs will grow like apples. History (remember the Bush tax cuts) reveal a different out come. The wealthy simply keep any tax savings for themselves rather than investing. Republicans also promise to lower corporate taxes.  Lowering corporate taxes to levels more in line with global competitors makes sense but corporate tax deductions and loopholes would need to be harmonized too.  You don’t hear much about that from the GOP.

So the promise of jobs and economic growth, as good as they sound, are myths. The Republican plan leads to what is a more likely outcome, either an increase in Federal debt or severe pressure upon Federal spending (read Medicare, Medicaid, and social security cuts).

Why not a tax policy proposal to simplify the entire tax code, remain revenue neutral, and progressive in nature?

Second, repeal and replace Obamacare. There is no Republican healthcare plan other than what preceded the Affordable Care Act. Consequently, repeal and replace means millions less Americans with healthcare coverage, healthcare insurance companies free to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, and American yearly healthcare spending (currently the highest in the world) no less than now and quite possibly greater.

Why not proposing basic healthcare for all Americans while lowering healthcare spending in total?

Third, second Amendment adoration. In modern society and in comparison to the rest of the modern world, Americans possession (and misuse) of fire arms is unprecedented. The unhealthy alliance between the Republican Party and the NRA has detoured any discussions of reasonable gun controls into a litmus reelection test.

Why not depoliticize the 2nd Amendment and in a bipartisan manner seek reasonable controls?

Fourth, women’s reproductive health choices. The Republican Party has not only been against “choice”, it has been committed to reversing the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision. With the majority of women in favor of choice, and assuming many Republicans sincerely oppose abortion, one would think there was fertile ground to champion ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. With no effort in this vein, one is easily lead to believe the anti-choice views stem from an “authoritative” mind set (my way or the highway).

Why not support a woman’s right to choose but seek policies which lead to much fewer unwanted pregnancies?

Fifth, immigration stalemate. The Republican Party’s inability to deal with comprehensive immigration reform underscores their inability to deal with reality. There are an estimated 11 million undocumented Mexicans living in American. Republican leaders have said there can be no pathway to citizenship apparently out of fear that these new citizens would vote Democrat. If that is true, the Republican Party has only itself to blame for not offering more to Mexican Americans. Worse, Republican policy flies in the face of facts such as America needs agricultural workers, Mexicans are good workers in many other fields too, and Mexicans are religious, family oriented people (just like what Republicans say of themselves).

Why not pledge to undertake bipartisan immigration reform?

And sixth, fiscal conservatism. Under the umbrella of balanced budgets and eliminating the debt, the Republican “fiscal hawk faction’s” capacity to deal with other pressing national problems is severely limited. At the extreme, these Republicans blindly support measures which would “shut down” normal government operations and offer no options to those dependent upon entitlements.

Why not adopt a more comprehensive policy of growing the economy, with more equitable sharing the wealth, while reducing the debt over a business cycle?

Republicans must come to recognize that their policies are internally inconsistent and work to the disadvantage of average Americans. Trump is simply a symptom, not the cause of their plight.

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