Enough Already – For Now

The reaction to President elect Donald Trump’s every move has been marked with breathless observations. Democrats, special interests, pundits, and discouraged voters are all weighing in on “what Trump might do”. Come on, he is the President elect and the incoming Administration is his show. Give him space or if one can’t do that, then give him enough rope and let’s see what happens.

Most of the concerned discourse is coming from Democrats or progressive leaning spokes persons.  GOP members have more resembled the Cheshire Cat just waiting for the time to pounce on some prey.  The 7/24 talk shows (and many major newspapers do not know what to say, given they can no longer picture Trump as a buffoon  and too embarrassed to confirm how wrong they predicted the election outcome.

To say Trump is a complex person is an understatement. To label him stupid might be more stupid.  Most GOP critics describe Trump as a Republican who stands near the Democrat border. Hmmm.

Trump is President elect thanks to some unbelievable circumstances. It is highly probable that Trump originally ran for President on a whim, a sop to his ego, and at the very worst, a marketing stroke for his brand. When unbelievably he got the Republican nomination, Trump probably thought he could not win the election but could in the process screw the Republican Party who had so poorly treated him… Now Donald Trump is the President elect and oh, how those GOP fair weather friends are now vying to kiss his hand.

If you are a centrist or anything left of center, the GOP represents the worst face of America. The GOP treatment of President Obama was disgraceful and history will be written that way in time. The GOP platform which boasts taking away healthcare for millions of Americans, giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy, rolling back under the guise of religious freedom as many advances the gay community has gained as possible, and taking the right of women to choose and if possible criminalizing it is a pretty bleak platform for anyone to stand upon, let alone Donald Trump. In other words, there is plenty of room for Donald Trump to fill out his Administration with people much closer to center on these issues.

Of course, this is not a time to merrily go off to sleep, secure in the belief that the Trump Administration will be in your corner. There are some scary individuals whose names are being floated like Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Palin, and John Bolton, who should have no roll in Government. What about Ted Cruz as Attorney General, does that sound rational?

Never the less, it is Donald Trump’s prerogative.

My reminder to anyone who will listen is remember two things. (1) The Republican Party, as currently constructed, is incapable of governing. They represents two many incompatible special interests. The idea of making America Great Again simply does not compute with the GOP’s stated policies. And, (2) it is wise to wait until it is clear who the Trump appointees will be.  At that time it will be easier to determine what impact these persons could and whether they will be additive to the GOP platform or set a somewhat different course.  It may turn out America will find that Trump is a moderating force on a party living in a world of 50 years ago.

After January 20th, all outcomes (good, bad, successful, unsuccessful) will fall to Donald Trump’s door step. Events will not be a result of President Obama or Democrats.  Events will have the Trump name on them.

Hopefully some of his advisors are telling him that.

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