Massive Win

Over the weekend during a TV interview, President-elect Donald Trump describe his victory as “massive” so as to indicate he had a clear mandate and those who questioned his actions were sore losers. Hmmm.

Mr Trump is projected to win the presidency with 306 electoral votes. This will be recorded as the 46th largest margin in US history, hardly a massive win. Add to this that Hillary Clinton is leading in the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. Tell me again about a massive win.

Trump’s margin of victory was far less than Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama.

So is there a pattern here?

President-elect Trump is quickly establishing that “honesty” has no place in his Administration, at least when he is speaking. (Honesty in the sense of accuracy and hopefully not in the sense of corruption.) This is a dangerous path to take, one would think. Events far beyond Trump’s control could call upon the President to speak (like from the fireside) to Americans and ask for sacrifices. Would you believe a compulsive “mistruth” speaker?

I assume (we all should hope so) that Mr Trump will speak with far less hyperboles with his staff and Cabinet Officers. As had been said before, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts.

There is an even more serious consequent to President-elect Trump’s propensity to “tell it like he thinks it is” and that is Mr Trump may be intentionally trying to distract, confuse, and misdirect his audience. Case in point, President Putin was said to be in policitcal trouble following the Sochi Olympics because under his leadership, the Russian Government had spent more than 60 billion dollars which the treasury didn’t have and much of the 60 billion for purposes which were viewed corrupt. Mr Putin instinctively got the average Russian and his political enemies eyes off the Sochi corruption by annexing the Crimea.

Spreading misinformation can be humorous or maddening given ones political views. What no American should want is the use of misinformation to cover up government failure.

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