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The PC police have steered the nation towards “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, says those who want to take their country back.

President-elect Trump tweeted “Merry Christmas” to the delight of the “keep Christ in Christmas” crowd. I wonder whether it occurred to the soon to be President that he will be President for all Americans, some who wish each other a “Happy Chanukah” in and around December 25th.

For me, it is still a Christmas Tree. And it is Merry Christmas to my grandchildren, did Santa Claus come last night? But when it comes to card exchanges, sharing what happened this past year for me and my wife, the card is about “peace on earth” and “happy holidays”.

Anyone who has not be watching, December 25 is huge a commercial celebration where friends exchange gifts and children’s dreams are awakened. For sure, many Christians find a religious purpose, although usually in addition not in place of the gift giving.

About 70% of Americans identify as Christian. Of the remaining 30%, 23% are not affiliated with any religion. Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists are the primary groups making up the remaining 7%. So should some Christians rewrite reality and get their way about Christmas?

Happy Holidays not only signals Christmas, it also covers another year end national holiday, New Years Day. The Jewish 8 day celebration of Chanukah usually fall within this same happy holidays period too. So which greeting would seem more inclusive, Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

The most troubling aspect of President-elect Trump’s tweet is that from him “Merry Christmas” is just a dog whistle to the bigoted Trump supporters. Trump’s greeting calls for more “us and them” thinking.  Trump seems to want to take credit for saving Christmas (where’s the Grinch), all part of taking America back.

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