Foreign Travelers Ban

President Trump issued a ban for residents of seven Muslim majority countries from traveling to the US for the next 90 days. Oh, do I feel safer already.

Our President not satisfied with that level of reduced angst ruled out any refugees (from anyplace) coming into the country for the next 120 days too. The blood pressure of millions of Americans just went down with that news.

These announcements, certified “Trump Whistles”, are thinly coded messages to a class of Trump supporters who (take your pick), disapprove of Muslims, don’t like any foreigners, or can’t handle risk assessment (and if less is better, than zero must be best of all).

Congressional Republicans who have spoken in the past about our broken borders justified these new restrictions as a time out to reassess. The GOP leaders claimed foreign visitors come into America and over stay their visas, and according to these elected leaders, the US does not know where these foreigners are. So the Republican leaders reason that stopping foreign travelers with valid visas is a good idea… for a while. Hmmm.

Have you ever heard of a “false sense of security”? This most recent Trump Whistle offers a security blanket to some and a “I told you so” for others. But by any measure, the foreign travelers did not represent any special risk. These travelers were all visa cleared and those seeking asylum represented a fraction of the world’s refugees. And, in terms of Americans who lose their lives each day, foreign traveler terrorists do not make the list.

Of course, it is a dangerous world we live in and reducing current precautions would not be wise. On the other hand, if the government cannot act like an adult, basing decisions on facts (if not science), where will the rest of the population look to see model behavior?  Why should Americans believe anything the Trump Administration says?

It is entirely possible that President Trump’s motives for issuing these travel bans include his “Trump Whistle” shouts to certain supporter groups, and as a clever diversionary action to keep Americans from focusing to long or too deeply on other action President Trump wants to slip by.

“So much in so short a time” has marked the President’s first 10 days. Do you recognize all discussion of President Trump’s conflicts of interest have ceased? Hmmm.

Do you recognize that the Wall between US and Mexico, blowing up NAFTA, canceling the TPP, and now the new economic sanctions on Iran all represent campaign rhetoric but show almost no connection to job creation? Hmmm.

Do you recognize that the “replace” portion of “repeal and replace” has dropped off the radar screen?  Hmmm.

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