The Art Of Speaking Past The Issue

Republican leaders have, somewhat embarrassingly, joined President Trump in denouncing the Federal Court stay of his travel ban against 7 majority Muslim countries.  One can almost hear these GOP leaders saying “here we go again”.

Clearly the President has the authority to deny entry to America based upon national security considerations. And for sure there are precedents. Do you remember how the country was made safe when Yusuf Islam was denied entry by the Bush Administration? There is just no telling how much damage Cat Stevens could have done if he had not been denied entry after the 9/11 attacks.

The Bush Administration’s actions which limited “free speech” contribution from the English singer was condemned by many but not contested as unlawful. The President, wisely or not, was acting as he thought best for the national security.

The Trump Administration claims it is acting similarly, for national security. In a holier than thou tone, Administration officials stress the chief executive has vast authority over the borders. These spokespersons emphasize that the ban in temporary and within the traditional Presidential powers. Hmmm.

Maybe but maybe not.

The Constitution’s first Amendment precludes the use of a religious test as the basis of excluding any foreign visitor or immigrant. But wait, Trump’s people say this ban is about “terrorists”. And what religion do terrorists in these countries have?

As I recall, Donald Trump, the candidate, made a point of emphasizing “radical Islamic terrorists”. How can one minute someone be a terrorist (radical Islamic terrorists) and not the next minute also be a Muslim?

In addition to this paper thin rouge claiming terrorist were not a religious test, the ban blew right by another principle, “due process”. All the people coming from these 7 countries had US approved visas. What process was used to determine the visas were defective?

The ban is patently a “Trump Whistle” designed to prove at least two points. First, Trump supporters can count on him to fulfill his campaign promises (as dubious as some may be). Second, as chief executive, Trump will not be restrained by past practices, political norms, or Constitutional constraints without a fight.

Once again, the public must keep both eyes on the President. It is inconceivable that the bogus justifications for the ban are in and of themselves important.

What is not inconceivable is that the ban can serve to prove “Trump can do it” and “now you see it, now you don’t” on some other issue the Administration will try to slip by the public’s attention.

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2 Comments on “The Art Of Speaking Past The Issue”

  1. deb Says:

    Unfortunately in my small neighborhood, even those who may have “buyers” (voter) remorse, have the attitude that if it doesn’t affect your own daily life there is no need to worry about what is going on in Washington. I agree with you about keeping both eyes on the President, for the reasons you stated. And I hope those who are watching don’t tire of it because when something slips by that does affect my neighbors’ daily life, it may be too late to do anything about it.

    • Deb, just think if buyers remorse is beginning this soon, what will the neighbors think a year from now? Like any bully and most tyrants, the issues they wish to change appeal to a small core group of supporters, are neutral of little consequence to most, and hurt only those who are least able to strike back.

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