The Infield Cutters

There is a type of person who earns the title “infield cutter”. Imagine a foot race where the objective is to run around an oval track from the starting line to the finish line. The “infield cutter” starts the race normally, but part way through, the “infield cutter” does just that. The runner leaves the oval track and runs across the infield emerging on the other side, much closer to the finish line. The “infield cutter” then races to the finish line claiming victory.

To the “infield cutter”, the victory is both earned and deserved. To most others, the “infield cutter” is a cheat or a fraud.

President Donald Trump’s campaign and early days as President have been marked with frequent and outrageous examples where the term “infield cutter” seems appropriate. The infamous travel ban is a case in point. Had the Trump White House have taken time, considered the nature of each of the 7 failed States, an executive order could have been crafted that increased the level of vetting to “extreme” while still accommodating current green card and visa holders AND his order would have been seen as a legitimate use of executive power.

Instead, the Trump Administration pushed ahead conflating presidential powers and sound sensible reasoning. Today, the Administration continues to argue the President has the power to issue a ban despite the Constitutions various requirements for no religious test and due process.

Infield cutter have a giant blind spots. Rules do not apply to them and when they cross the finish line, they think “the ends justify the means”. An even bigger blind spot is the infield cutter do not recognize that the rules are now changed for everyone else too.   In the future, it will be much harder for the infield cutter to pull off the same type of win.

With someone like Donald Trump who has consistently claimed facts unsupported by factual evidence, a dangerous precedent will be establish if courts simply accept his “trust me, I am exercising my Presidential powers”.

Trump, more than anyone else in recent history needs to be forced to play by established rules. Trump regularly discredits the media, has spoken against science (and facts), has identified minorities for special treatment, and is speaking louder and louder about law and order. All of these actions were followed by the Nazis.


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