The Healthcare Maze

The Affordable Care Act “repeal and replace” discussion, has displaying the worst in our two main political parties, and just as importantly, has also pointed to a deaf spot in both the parties’ hearing. I wonder whether there will be a waking up or whether ideological beliefs will continue to drown out the roar of the crowd.

Republicans say many things but basically it is a combination of “healthcare is about choice”, “healthcare is about being patient centered”, or “healthcare cannot be about more entitlements”. Democrats say that the Republican plan will cover fewer people and cost those covered more. Democrats object to the Republican plans but offer no alternatives other than status quo. Why?

Most of those covered by the Affordable Care Act have gotten healthcare insurance for the first time in their lives. The 20 million or so Obamacare people include individual mandate enrollees, pre-existing condition refugees, and the poor who now quality for expanded Medicaid. Think about that, 20 million out of 340 million Americans can’t be the source of all this Congressional hassle. Hmmm.

Could it be that the national cry to “repeal” Obamacare and the objection to the American Health Care Act (the replace part) is because neither address effectively the current high cost of healthcare?

The US spends twice as much each year on healthcare per capita than any other country in the world.

Why are politicians more concerned with cutting Medicaid rolls than asking why healthcare costs so much? Why would anyone call a healthcare delivery system “patient centered” when most Americans find the premiums unsatisfactorily high? Why would anyone be satisfied with a national healthcare system which costs more than equally effective systems in other countries and still not cover all Americans?

The Healthcare Maze and the current debate is totally irrational without a full debate about what makes up yearly healthcare spending and why it is so much higher than two dozen other modern countries around the world.

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