Memorial Pause

As is the custom, zip code 08202 celebrated Memorial Day, once again, with a home town parade and lots of speeches by local officials. The ceremony might have appeared a little hokey, especially when compared to parades featured on television, but zip code 08202’s celebration was totally genuine.

The parade’s theme, not surprisingly, was thanks and remembrance for the deeds of those who came before.

This piece of Americana (and others just like it across the country) stands in sharp contrast to the complex and convoluted games on display in Washington, DC. Instead of simple words paying honor and tribute to those whose sacrifices Made America Great, we hear words we know not to be true or a steady stream of answers to questions not asked.  Washington speak honors no one save the quick buck.

President Trump has just returned from his first foray onto the international stage. Pundits are struggling to find positive words to characterize the trip.  Congress, on the other hand, is in recess, licking its self inflicted “repeal and replace” wounds. Tomorrow, the vacation ends and the Washington games begin again.

What will the fall out be over the President’s threat to exit the Paris Climate Agreement or what did the President mean about NATO member nations “paying their fair share? For US based Trump supporters, his words will be hailed as another example of keeping a campaign promise forgetting of course to first answer the question, is either issue wise foreign policy? For European countries President Trump must have reinforced their worst expectations.

Republicans’ worst dream is that the electorate will turn on them during the mid-terms. So far, with majorities in both house and a President of the same party, Republicans have almost nothing to show in terms of legislative accomplishments. And the American Health Care Act passed by the House may not survive the Senate leaving Republicans with nothing. (Of course if the AHCA were to pass, Republicans might inherit an even greater problem… being seen as father of less healthcare coverage with no noticeable decrease in premium cost.

On Memorial Day, Americans pause and pay tribute to those who fought and died in earlier wars. These sacrifices and efforts were made to secure freedom and a better way of life for all Americans. As we pause, we cannot help but think why the President and Congress is so set upon providing less healthcare coverage, granting huge tax cuts for the wealthy, and making “immigrant” a bad word when this country was built by the hard work of immigrants?

Memorial Day in 08202 recalls a simpler time, a more respectful time, and a more honest time.

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