10 Years Later, Characters Different, Issues The Same

Regaining the Center, 10 years ago, published a post over the hypocrisy surrounding the popular candidacy of Fred Thompson. Thompson, a former Senator but more famous as a TV star, turned out to be totally unqualified as a Presidential candidate and relatively quickly disappeared from the campaign trail. Far less bombastic or boorish than Donald Trump, Thompson quickly showed he could not fill the “real” shoes a President must.

What is particularly eye opening may be that the underlying issues facing Candidate Thompson remain today.

At the time of the 2007 posting (Litmus and Fred), the Republicans were still beating the tax cut, no healthcare reform is good healthcare, and the Middle East is the focus of US foreign policy drum. Little, apparently, did the GOP realize that the economy was about to crash (lax regulatory tone), that fracking technology would soon make America free from dependency on Middle East Oil (ignorance of science), or that Federal Deficit were just begin a ten year rise (balancing the budget with necessary taxes).

Five months into President Trump’s administration, Republicans seems ready to move forward without demonstrating any learnings from the past.

Check this out – Litmus and Fred

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