Disillusioned And Lost

When Senate Leader Mitch McConnell spoke to reporters yesterday announcing there would be no “repeal and replace” vote before the July 4th holiday, the look on his face and the tone of his voice said it all. “How did the Senate get to this point?”

McConnell telegraphed no shame over a bill that gave huge tax cuts for the wealthy, allowed individual healthy Americans to “game” the system by not buying insurance (driving up insurance cost for everyone else), and reduced coverage (via Medicaid) for the most vulnerable Americans. Rather, McConnell was despondent because his Republican majority would not agree to pass the bill.

Several Republican Senators stressed that Medicaid was not being cut but rather would not increase as much as healthcare costs are rising, and about a third of the cost was being transferred to States. In other words, instead of the Federal Government raising taxes from all Americans and distributing this money to those who qualify regardless of where they live, the Republicans are saying, “if your State is willing to raise State taxes, then Medicaid can be offered. It is a State decision to cut Medicaid unless the State agrees to fund.” Hmmm.

There is a legitimate issue around how to fund healthcare (including Medicare and Medicaid). Currently the payroll taxes do not cover the entire amount of Medicare and Medicaid expenditures and the excess is simply added to the national debt.

At the root of this problem is a fundamental disagreement on whether healthcare access is a right or a privilege. There should be no confusion in either case, healthcare must be paid for by someone. The question is what is each persons share and what methods would be used to collect this money.

One party, however, is comfortable with the proposition that you only get as much healthcare coverage as you pay for while the other party is comfortable with everyone getting basic healthcare coverage but it is ok to put the bill on the charge account (Federal Debt).

The greater concern for Republicans seems to be their worry about what voters will do? Rather than looking what other modern countries are choosing for healthcare, Republicans are united only around eliminating the tax aspect of the Affordable Care Act. Republican division arises cruelly on just how many of the ACA benefits should be cut. Hmmm.

Americans are disillusioned and the GOP is lost.

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