A Message Worth Repeating

The Washington, DC “goings on”, if they were not potentially so serious, would be great amusement. The President has given new life to the word “boorish” ceaselessly demonstrating coarse, tasteless, and crude manners. The President also appears over his head in leading the sprawling executive branch.  The President prefers inviting as much personal flattery as he can coax from his subordinates and supporters. Hmmm.

Not to be outdone, the GOP controlled Congress seems intent upon matching the President’s dysfunction (however not yet his boorishness). This past week the House passed legislation aimed at speeding up the detention and deportation of illegal aliens.

The bill’s sponsors pointed to dangerous criminals like the Salvadorian gang MS-13 as an example of why this legislation was so urgent. MS-13 is a ruthless organization and its members deserve to be deported if not outrightly jailed. But, the estimated 10,000 MS-13 members represent a mere one tenth of one percent of the illegal aliens living in America. Comprehensive immigration reform would seem a more logical priority.   Using MS-13 as the post child for rounding up innocent undocumented aliens is a misuse of the trust Americans place in Congress.

This legislation simply hints at how dysfunctional Congress has become. A better example can be found in the “behind closed doors” debate over healthcare. Republicans have uniformly vilified the Affordable Care Act since its enactment, now find that far more Americans favor the Act than find fault with it. Not surprisingly, Republicans have cried for repeal of Obamacare for years while never expressing what they would offer to replace it. Now that it is their chance to repeal and replace ACA, the GOP cannot agree on what the replace should be.

So why do these themes bear repeating?

Following the President’s recent twitter outburst, President Trump not only showed his boorishness when he attacked two MSNBC talk show hosts, President Trump also brought into question his “mental” fitness for office. For those who do not support Donald Trump as President, the tendency to wonder if he might be removed from office, not through impeachment, but through “fitness to serve” criteria seems promising.

Those who hold this view might say, “who cares, just get the bum out of office”.

While this action may ultimately be necessary, President Trump’s removal is not the panacea it may seem. His successor will be Vice President Pence who will be a non-thinking supporter of the GOP controlled Congress. Repeal legislation would surely pass with a President Pence as would also a huge tax cut for the wealthy.  Ironically, President Trump’s dysfunctional behavior’s unintended consequence has been to delay most legislative action.

Our American democracy is responsible for Donald Trump becoming President. There is no one else to blame but ourselves.

GOP controlled Congress, however, arises largely from “gerrymandering” where House districts’ boundaries were skewed shamelessly to favor GOP candidates. (The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case challenging some of the most egregious district constructs.) In both cases (the Presidency and the Congress), the process to improve functionality begins at the ballot box.

President Trump clearly represents a distraction and potentially a danger to be sure. The Republican Party, on the other hand, is not of one mind (conservatives, libertarians, and moderates) and without a strong opponent like the Democrat Party, the GOP is poised to fracture into warring against each other.

Americans concerned about President Trump should, instead of wishing for a President Pence, focus upon the 2018 election and return control of the Senate or the entire Congress to Democrats, if for no other reason than to minimize the damage until the Presidential election in 2020.

Vice President Pence will not act in a boorish manner, but his cleverness and conservative heart would go well with the current mean-spirited GOP controlled Congress.

Be careful what one wishes for, for our dreams sometimes turn into nightmares.

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