Repeal, Not Replace, Hmmm

The Senate Republican effort to pass “repeal and replace” legislation which would be the successor to Obamacare, ended yesterday with whimper. Pundits have said there were as many as 15 Republican Senators who would have voted against the bill but until yesterday there were only two announced. Following a meeting with President Trump, two more Senators (Jerry Moran and Mike Lee) announced they could not support the Republican Senate bill.

End of story?

Not quite. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell announced he would offer a “repeal” only alternative and expected Republican Senators to pass this bill as they had in 2015. The “repeal” only option has a two year delayed implementation ostensibly designed to allow time for the Senate to find a compromise which could pass.

Does unbelievable come to mind?

What does anyone think is so hard about passing a repeal only bill? Admittedly, passing a replace bill does bring into focus what various factions within the Republican Party and the public think about healthcare. Since there is no consensus (without paying a price at the polls), Republicans will have a tough time finding common replacement ground.

Hmmm.  So why try repeal only?

The fundamental and unstated issue, the elephant in the room so to speak, is whether Republicans think healthcare is a right and they are searching for the most cost effective way to deliver, or whether Republicans see healthcare as a privilege and are seeking the least costly manner to provide minimal coverage and still be able to boast to voters that they are for healthcare.


An old adage teaches when you are stuck in a hole, the first rule is stop digging.

Republicans are showing in bright, red, white and blue colors that as a Party they are not aligned on principles. Even more so, Republicans are showing that both the President and the Republican controlled Congress, while able to be verbally effusive, are still unfit to lead.

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2 Comments on “Repeal, Not Replace, Hmmm”

  1. db Says:

    Unfit, indeed! This was my exercise in futility for today (what I wrote to my Republican senators). Do you think they will listen? I don’t think they would if every citizen of the state wrote the same letter.

    “Kansans spoke out and Jerry Moran listened. When are you going to do the same? How long can the rest of the Republican Party choose partisanship and agenda over decency. Would lightning strike you if you allowed Democrats to be in on the legislative process? Shame on you! You are as obstructionist as our idiotic president. Would you be so eager to repeal the ACHA if you were required to be covered by it? The GOP has become a seemingly, morally bankrupt political party. Public shaming has not worked yet to change your thinking. Maybe the political reality and risk of being voted out of office will have a different result. Good luck in your next run for election. I strongly urge you to vote no on the repeal of ACHA, thus avoiding sending your party completely down the toilet.”

    As you say, Hmmm.

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