Priest Child Abuse

Front pages are full today of reports on the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report summarizing the Catholic Church’s apparent stonewalling (cover up) of priest accused of child abuse and molestation.  News media (print, digital, and video) can’t get enough indignation into their stories.  Some even express surprise at the Grand Juries finding.  Under what rock have these members of the press been sleeping?

Understanding the Pennsylvania report requires only knowing about bureaucracies in general  (how each bureaucracy’s main purpose it protect itself) and celibacy (a totally abnormal act, accompanied with other anti-social behavior).  The Grand Jury report outlines over 70 years of Catholic priest abuse and molestation combined with a church hierarchy committed to protecting the church’s name and not the victims.

While the media is treating this as “news”, the only news is this report is about Pennsylvania and not Boston. Sixteen years ago, similar revelations were published by the Boston Globe (later made into the movie “Spotlight”).  The Globe reported that in ANY all male “celibate” population like catholic priest, fully 6% of the members will engage in some form of pedophilia, and Catholic Church leaders will tend to shun transparency and in the process cover up any priest transgressions under the guise that the church organization knows better.

Many are asking how abuses can be prevented? 

The honest answer may be “they cannot” be prevented 100%.  Most likely, pedophilia is a human condition and has some minimum occurrence in groups of sexually healthy people (like school teachers, office workers, sports figures).  If the Catholic Church wants to end the label of a champion of pedophilia, it needs to open “priesthood” to women and married couples, in other words simulate more closely other groups with less pedophilia.  Since there is no chance to attain zero incidents, the church needs also a true zero tolerance policy and notify police on each occurrence of alleged abuse or molestation.  Notifying law enforcement authorities alone will not be sufficient since the priesthood, as it is currently, is simply a breeding ground for the 6% (or more).   The church is acting as an enabler, so to speak, for these pedophiles to congregate, develop technique, and prey upon unsuspecting children.

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