Year End, Is It Hopeless?

As 2018 comes to an end, news reports continue to described yet another law, regulation, or long standing precedent which has been revoked, overridden, or flaunted.  The United States has mislead allies with threats. lies, and egregious tariffs while at home denigrated long standing institutions like the FBI, the Military, and the press. Is the future hopeless?

The President and his Republican Party allies in congress 

  • have tried mightily to take away health care from Americans, especially the most vulnerable.  
  • have pushed for greater industrial use of carbon emitting materials while the evidence underscoring global warming and supporting green alternative energy sources  are mounting.  
  • have, with income inequality growing, chosen to introduce an unnecessary and unfunded tax reduction, providing little relief for the average person while rewarding corporations and the very wealthy.
  • have created a mythical Mexican border crisis, while the facts on the ground show Mexican undocumented immigrants as a steady share of our population (at 11 million !!!), not a drain on our criminal or social welfare systems (compared to our documented population), and are decent, hard working, family oriented residents.
  • made a mockery of the Office of President, taking a holiday from truthful communications, and living the life of amoral bully.


The good name of the United States as well as the Office of the President have been besmirched, especially in the eyes of allies around the world and back at home, by successor generations of potential public servants.  

In most all countries, there exists (well mixed into the general population), residents who call themselves “nationalists”.  This population cut are highly susceptible to political rhetoric which blames others, absolves “nationalist” for personal shortcomings, and promises “impossible to achieve” future benefits.  The President has targeted this segment as “his base” and pictured the majority (every other American) as somehow part of the problem.  Have you heard or read about this behavior before in history?

As this post has written before, President Donald Trump is the President for all the United States.  He won the office of chief executive fair and square and until removed by impeachment, death, or vote at the end of his term, President Trump will remain our President.  Elections have consequences.  

There is a flicker of hope, however.  Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives and with that victory there will be no further destructive legislative actions.  The Senate can still confirm far right appointees, and the regulatory departments can attempt to reverse previous regulations.  But throttling back on future legislative missteps represents progress, and with a Democrat controlled House, “oversight” will become a part of Congress again. 

The Mueller Investigation, the upcoming Democrat “oversight”, and as the birds come home to roost (the fruits of Trump’s first two years become clear), President Trump will be kept very busy and in continual risk of impeachment or criminal indictment.  The next election in 2020 will provide the opportunity to seal President Trump as a one term disaster.

IMO, voters will step back from another “Trumpian” President in 2020.  The elephant in the room remains, however, the obscene amounts of money driving the behavior of our elected officials.  But that is a problem for another day. 

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