Ideas For Democrats

Pundits are now writing that if the 2020 Presidential election is about Donald Trump, he will become a one term President.  If, on the other hand, Republicans can define Democrat challengers as too far left, like socialists or worse, then there is a chance, these pundits say, President Trump could win a second term.  Hmmm.

Bernie Sanders’s “Medicare For All” coming from an avowed “socialist” will make great copy for some Democrat candidates  The GOP, however, will link that person with Venezuela President Nicholas Maduro.  A crazy idea, one might think, but shrewd political tactics say experienced political watchers.  Don’t debate the merits of an issue, use emotive rhetoric instead. 

So Democrat candidates need to define themselves and cut off GOP attempts to link them with socialism.  Here are a couple of campaign lines Democrats might try to redefine the election.

  • “The Best Healthcare Money Can Buy”.  Democrats could signal their support for free enterprise healthcare costing twice as much per capita as anyone else pays in the modern world.  Dems could give their support to insurance companies, hospitals, and unregulated drug makers.  Maybe Dems could use the catch phrase, “if it cost a lot, it must be good”.

(The one problem with that slogan is our current healthcare delivery system is already the most expensive per capita in the world.  And even better, it is cost wise out of reach for millions of Americans.  Add to that, US healthcare, according to insurance companies should not be available to Americans with “pre-existing conditions”.  Hmmm.)

  • “Unfettered Capitalism”.  Democrats could rebrand themselves as the party of Wall Street, Big Banks, and the unconstrained Accumulation of Wealth”. Democrats could assert that a wealthy class, say the top 1/2 of 1%, who wealthy and becoming even wealthier, would spend more and the economic impact would “trickle down” to all other Americans.  In essence, the rich getting richer would be a win-win for everyone.


  • “Regulation-free Commerce”.  Democrats could stake out the high ground stating Dems, not Republicans, oppose regulatory constraints on businesses.  Dems could blame Republicans for any and all rules, regulations, or laws which provide limits on commerce, environmental protection, and anti-trust limits.  Dems, of course, would promise a flood of new, high paying jobs resulting from their new policies.

Silence from Democrat candidates, or worse, advocacy of vote seeking policies (such as Medicare For All) for which there is not the national or Congressional  political support is a very dangerous strategy. 

  • Our current healthcare delivery system is not a system for everyone and even with a limited audience cost twice as much as someone in Germany, France, Japan, or Canada pays should upset most Americans. 
  • Capitalism which does not share its profits and is loyal only to shareholders is a system we can make better far short of pure socialism. 
  • Commerce without some level of regulations is a situation ripe for abuse.  Look how other successful countries regulate.

The task for the Democrat candidate is to clearly articulate the center of the political spectrum.  President Trump’s record will lead to his defeat if the Democrat candidate simply expose the President’s actions and their consequences.  

Sh*t stinks, cream floats.

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