Lessons From “We Hate To See You Go”

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen got her walking papers Sunday evening in a White House meeting with President Trump.  The sudden but not surprising announcement ended a shaky and troubled 18 month tenure for Nielsen.  Like so many other high level Trump Administration appointees, Nielsen turned out just not to be “Trump’s type of guy”.  Hmmm.

Late last week, the President pulled his ICE Director nomination (Ron Vitiello).  President Trump termed his bizarre change of mind as a sign “we must get tougher” on border security.  In other words, I made this nomination for Senate approval… but I have changed my mind…   Is there any connection between Nielsen’s and Vitiello’s firings?

How about

  1. President Trump has a bogus and un-winnable Mexican border strategy.  Trump will not, however, take responsibility for anything which is viewed as a failure or mistake.  Cleaning house is one way to deflect attention from the President to underlings.  
  2. White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller has been an outspoken hawk on immigration.  His fingerprints are all over the “Zero Tolerance” and “Separation of Children” policies which have experienced shameful consequences as Trump’s team tried to implement.  Miller is said to have constantly urged Trump to follow this path.   When events did not go well, setting up Nielsen and in effect Vitiello to take the fall is a class act for people like Miller (and Trump).
  3. President Trump has a serious character flaw.  He instinctively knows how to get others (most who are willing) to engage in unethical and mean spirited activities (following ends justify means philosophy).  When events do not turn out as the President wanted, or the President realizes the outcomes he sought are flawed, the President just cuts free the subordinates who did what he asked.  The pictures of helpless children separated from their parents will be linked with Nielsen and less so with Trump.  Hmmm.
  4. The Trump Administration has hired few “Elliot Richardson-type” political appointees and there is a reason why.  Elliot Richardson was Richard Nixon’s Attorney General who was asked by Nixon to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox.  Richardson said no on principle and resigned.  Trump does not seek any subordinates of character, just those who will do as Trump says.

While Secretary Nielsen must be disappointed in being forced to submit her resignation, she will come to realize how lucky she is to get out before the ship does sink.   

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