A pseudonym by any other name is still a pseudonym. My pseudonym for these postings is “zukunftsaugen” which I would loosely translate as “eyes of the future” or  “foresight of the future”. I have no crystal ball nor do I possess any clairvoyant powers (to the best of my knowledge). I simply have lived a reasonable length of time and from experience have learned to be cautious and at times, outright suspicious of the establishment, and what looks or sounds too good to be true.

The George W Bush years will stand as a lost opportunity for what could have been done, and an unmitigated disaster for what was done. The Bush (Rove and Cheney) lead Republican Administration drove divisive policies and made short sighted decisions, one after another. They claimed to be conservatives but only managed to paint a bad name for all thoughtful people who are conservative in their views.

I began posting during the Bush years. During this dark period in American history, the idea of “Regaining the Center” came together in my mind as the needed path for America’s future.  It was not that Democrats are good, and Republicans were bad, it was just the “W” type policies were so consistently dangerous for a healthy America .   I would expect that versus the policies and record of  Bush Administration accomplishments, my postings must appear progressive or liberal.  I believe, however, that my views on the need for fiscal responsibility and a practical method of implementing the progressive agenda*, separate me from the liberal left.  I am  a centrist, and favor a productive, non-sectarian, and science-rich society.

I hope you find these writings interesting and provocative.  Post-on.

* Note on progressive agenda…  The world is continually in motion and what we know or take for granted today will require a different understanding or approach tomorrow.  The founding fathers were progressives who saw a better system of governing, compared to the monarchies of Europe, and implemented these progressive ideas brilliantly.  Central to today’s progressive agenda would be universal health care (at least at a basic level), effective affordable education, and alternative energy sources that decrease our dependance on foreign sources and protect the environment as much as practical.

2 Comments on “Zukunftsaugen”

  1. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” (G.Orwell)
    I read some of your posts… i find them very interesting.. we write about similar topics… I just would want to place your logo\banner in my Network category, to support us and our words together, in order to create a community of bloggers on our common topics… I hope you find this project important…the kassandra project needs people like you.
    good ideas, good blog 😉
    “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” (Galileo Galilei)

  2. The world is a very complicated place and our political leaders are committed to spin and putting a positive touch on everything. Anyone who is trying to unlock the facts behind the news or some new government policy serves a useful and very necessary service. Best wishes to Kansandraproject and may you help others “regain the center”.

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