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Will Hillary Get A Pass?

April 24, 2015

Early release of a new, but soon to be one of many, book denigrates Hillary Clinton.  Reports based upon the book are making a splash on the 7/24 news media. The book alleges that once Hillary became Secretary of State that the money flood gates opened for the Clinton Foundation. More specifically, money from foreign sources flowed in and in return those foreign sources received favorable State Department action. Hmmm.

The sun rises each day and sets each evening. This we can be sure. We can be equally sure that “attack ads” featuring these allegations will hit the airwaves soon and run through out the election campaign regardless of who becomes the GOP Presidential nominee.

Another thing you can be sure about is that neither the Republican Party nor its standard bearer will say “I approve this ad”.

The reasons are two fold. (1) A GOP candidate doesn’t need to produce such an ad because one of the “uncoordinated” PACs will gleefully undertake this work. And, (2) these Clinton innuendos strike too close to home for all the candidates.

The day we see a dirt poor Congress member, former President, or senior cabinet official, we can begin to suspect that person did not trade favors for value in return. Favors could have been decisions or outright lobbying, or just introductions (with a nod).

All politicians use their office in ways they feel best and growing their personal wealth is part of that territory. Consequently, GOP candidates are not likely to personally attack Hillary.

Of course these charges are serious and do deserve a full investigation. But there wouldn’t be K-Street nor political fund raising breakfasts unless “favors” were for sale.

The Clintons are not your ordinary “influence for sale” politicians. They can afford staffs that advise on how to keep their actions clear of any direct connection. Most of the other candidates including Jeb Bush will experience similar charges and will inevitably be found clear of a direct connection to what ever the charges are.

When this type of charge begins to be leveled at Jeb Bush, the Press will see it as a left wing smear campaign. For Hillary, these charges are just the continuation of the “right wing conspiracy”.