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Scratch One More GOP Presidential Wannabe

February 2, 2015

Running for President must be a financially worthwhile venture. Otherwise why would so many people be interested in the GOP nomination? This weekend witnessed one candidate commit public political suicide in hopes of improving his odds of establishing himself as a formidable candidate. What was he thinking?

Former Governor and former Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, chose to break into jail with unnecessary comments about gays.

Mike told his audience that being gay was nothing more than a life style choice. If someone did not want to be gay, no problem, just stop acting that way. Huckabee comes from the nurture, not nature school and proudly displayed his “the earth is 5,000 years old” mindset.

Not satisfied with that remark, Huckabee moved onto gay marriage. Huckabee felt that gays should not be allowed to marry because many christians believed same sex marriage was abhorrent. In other words, because christians believed same sex marriage was wrong, these warm hearted christians should not be subjected to the reality of same sex couples getting married. Hmmm.

It is difficult to know with certainty how deeply Huckabee holds these views. It is not so hard to suspect that Huckabee knows his Presidential nomination chances are over if he does not attack money and do well in Iowa and South Caroline, two of the earliest primaries next year. Pandering for votes seems to not upset the former Arkansas Governor.

Any GOP nominee who is openly anti-gay can kiss goodbye winning the national election. Huckabee must realize that.

Consequently, one is left with the suspicion then that Huckabee sees dollar signs if he can string out his run for the nomination.

I doubt the Koch brothers will waste their money on Mike.