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The Voice Of The American People

October 5, 2015

In an interview today, Representative Jason Cheffetz said he was running for Speaker of the House because the American people want a leader that will hear their voices and lead the Congress in that direction. Hmmm. I wonder what part of the “American people” Cheffetz was thinking of?

To be fair, Cheffetz made a very competent appearance and seemed far more prepared to be Speaker than either retiring John Boehner or the favored successor, Mike McCarthy. As Cheffetz said the Speaker’s job is just that, to speak for the majority and clearly put forth what the American people want. Hmmm.

I wonder who makes up “the American people” that Cheffetz speaks about. Which ones think the debt is important enough to shut down the Government instead of raising the limit and paying the bills for Government spending already spent? I wonder which Americans he has in mind who want to race into another Middle East conflict sending their sons and daughters? I wonder which Americans he is thinking about who would restrict women’s rights or turn their backs on immigration reform?

It is clearly true that Cheffetz could speak for “SOME” Americans. And it is also true that some Americans do favor shutting down the Government over the debt issue. And some Americans do think their religious preferences around women’s health issues should apply to everyone (religious freedom, I guess). And there is no doubt that some Americans would gladly send other peoples children to Iraq again or any place in the Middle East. So it is clear Cheffetz does speak for at least some Americans.

We should note, however, that the debt issue is a sad surrogate for a Congressional inability. Congress can neither reform entitlements or constrain other government spending, and is totally unwilling to raise the necessary taxes resulting from their unbalanced budget. The Debt is a red herring. The issue is a balanced budget.

Interestingly when the discussion moves to the budget, Cheffetz speaks for even a smaller segment of Americans. Some Americans do not see the value of Social Security, but many more do. Some Americans want to reign in Medicare and Medicaid, but many more recognize the social implications and might support some reform but in no way would they support wholesale gutting of these programs.

Democrats are somewhat shocked to be seeing the majority GOP melting down and showing clearly that as a party they are currently unfit to govern.

Americans’ voice needs to rise up and say, “ENOUGH”. America is a pluralistic country and there are many voices within its boarders. The next Speaker needs to recognize this fact, drop the partisan shenanigans, and conduct votes where all voices are heard.

Who that could be I have not a clue.