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One Must Wonder

October 5, 2014

The newspaper headlines are subdued. The television and radio waves lack the virulent negative commercials. Billboard advertisements reflect nothing about an impending disaster. Has President Obama’s term suddenly won over its opponents?

Betting money says otherwise. So why no voices of negativity?

Betting money again suggests that the GOP is very close to capturing both branches of Congress, and quite frankly, the GOP does not want its rhetoric to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Following the November elections, all bets are off. I wonder whether Americans will recognize the implicit hypocrisy?

You see that

  • Deficit has not brought the nation to its knees. The US economy and the strength of the dollar both are fairing slightly better than comparative economies.  The US economy is still other countries envy.   Even so, the deficit is a real problem but not for its size. The deficit represents a paralysis in the country’s governance processes. The US cannot decide on what it can afford and is unwilling to pay for what services it chooses to use.
  • Jobs and the economy have not bankrupted the nation. Without the aid of GOP demanded across the board tax cuts, the US economy has continued to expand under President Obama. The unemployment rate has now dropped to 5.9% and no GOP politician wants to campaign against that. Ironically, the lack of a second stimulus program has required that the nation slowly reallocate resources in order to regain jobs. This slow process has resulted in a much sounder economic footing and bodes well for a sustained period of growth.
  • Healthcare has not become a disaster with the Affordable Care Act. The cries for “repeal Obamacare” while still popular in some quarters have not been borne out by real life evidence. Even worse for the GOP, repeal and a return to pre-ACA coverage, will be very unpopular with Americas. Repealing and retaining the politically popular portions (like children on parent’s insurance, no cancellation or denial of coverage, and donut hole assistance) will present the GOP with an even larger problem of how to fund the program at all. I wonder whether they would consider a single payer, universal healthcare program on their watch?

Each of these previous “scourge of the earth” issues have with time have not turned out as the GOP predicted.  These issues are not stagnant, howver. Post 2014 (and post 2016) life will have moved on and policies and laws will need to evolve too. I wonder whether governance responsibility will motivate the GOP to offer positive options and stand ready to be accounted for their success of failure?

Katrina, Iraq, and the great mortgage and financial implosion are not that distant in our memories.