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So Near…

October 13, 2009

As the Iraq invasion and occupation raged in its early post invasion days, the Shiites and Sunnis tried valiantly not to lose any chance to heap unspeakable atrocities upon each other. Killing innocent children, women, and old people could not be enough satisfaction for century old mythes that required retribution.

An American myth, surprisingly, emerged during 2007.  It said that an increase in military strength, some 20,000 additional personnel, could halt this violence. The so called “surge” took place, and low and behold, relative calm came to Iraq. The chicken hawks got it right (they said proudly) and implied that questioning military judgement was done at a politicians own risk.

At the time, others were saying that a Marine Corp initiative called the “awakening” was also having a positive impact. This effort bought the loyalty of Sunni militia leaders who for money, used their influence to control those who would have preferred violence. It is not by bread alone that man lives.

Today, violence is creeping back into Iraq. Reports indicate that many of these “awakening” leaders are involved. And it should not be too surprising that these leaders are no longer on the American payroll and the Shiite lead Government has chosen not to continuing funding this operation. Deja vu all over again.

The myth most Americans readily accepted was that military force could bring peace to the region, and implied that life would be good ever after. While American troops were necessary for training and as a deterrent for any outside invasion, we can see that the military is not a sufficient force for nation building. Iraqi citizens like in all other countries must decide they can live together and that they will make the appropriate accommodations. Iraq’s military is big enough to provide police action and basic boarder defense, if it chooses to act as a unified effort. It is time for the US to drastically reduce its presence.   Americans must not get fooled by a return of violence, and the myth that if we stay a little longer, all will get better.

The decision to invade Iraq will undoubtably be viewed by historians as the most serious error of judgement of any US President. We have spent dearly with lives and money to repair the damage we needlessly inflicted, and now, enough is enough. The three “surge meisters” (McCain, Graham, and Lieberman) will surely dust off their trumpets and lead the charge in Congress to continue these efforts. It is time to blow “taps” for these misguided figures.

It’s a Dark Day for the Right

March 19, 2008

Yesterday the lights went a little darker for all those who make up the right.  This list includes neoconservatives, regular conservatives, big money and oil interests, and lest we not forget, the “for profit” evangelical and fundamentalist church leaders.  All these groups saw their chances of having a friendly White House dim and the horrible vision arise that there worst enemy was not Hillary Clinton after all.

First, yesterday we heard Barack Obama hit a right wing sliming of the Rev Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. right out of the park.  Obama, who has consistently, called it like it is, made all those (including the pandering media) look like fools to have played up some of Pastor Wright’s speeches (or sermons) as anti-American.  While the literal words were inflammatory, Obama pointed out the context in which they were set.  And yes, he said there were better ways to make Pastor Wright’s points.

The net effect appears to be a strengthening of Obama supporters and an increase in the probability that he will become the Democratic nominee.  The Clinton camp was knocked on their heels and has only itself to blame for its part in stirring up this issue.

Half way around the world in Iraq, John McCain informed us that “al Qaeda in Iraq” was getting supplies, funding, and help from Iran.  Hello, John, this is not likely since Iran is Shiite and “al Qaeda in Iraq” is Sunni.  McCain quickly corrected his statement and moved on with his entourage of “fact finders”, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham (who generally do not need any facts to back up what they say).

The right’s problem is that in a McCain-Obama match up, McCain will not do well.  Age, quickness of mind and speech, centrist principles, and pure mass appeal will sweep Obama into office.  While in all likelihood, Hillary could beat McCain too, it would be much closer.  Of course there is still a rough road ahead and it is not certain that the Democratic bosses will give the nod to Obama, but Barack seems to find each challange a way to advance his candidacy and not to lessen it.   

McCain and Lieberman

December 18, 2007

Yesterday Joe Lieberman endorsed John McCain for the New Hampshire primary (and for any other State that will listen to him).  I wonder whether John will return the favor, if nominated, and select Joe to run as the VP candidate again?

The endorsement is somewhat peculiar.  Lieberman, although an Independent, mostly votes with the Democrats and was allowed to keep his seniority by the Democratic leadership.  To understand it we must consider

1. All the Democratic candidates are for a scaled down Iraq War effort.  Joe is a hawk and has spoken out strongly in support of the Iraq invasion.

2. While most all the Republican candidates talk tough, they are viewed by AIPAC, Israel’s US lobby group, with a litte suspicion.  Romney is a Mormon, you know.  Rudy is Rudy and we can’t be sure who he will be next week.  Huckabee is equally unknown but starting with an evangelical bent, he is suspicious.  And when Fred wakes up, we will find out if he is a friend of Israel.

3. John has also demonstrated that he can bend to special interests as he did so magnificently with Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson.  John’s lips are still chapped.

4. John McCain is a solid contender and to receive anyone’s endorsement should not be a surprise.  Lieberman, however, owes AIPAC big time and the endorsement has gotten his name in the headlines again.