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Cheney in 2008?

December 30, 2007

The current crowd of Republican 2008 Presidential hopefuls is a sorry group, or so thinks the main pulse of the old guard Republican Party.  Oh do they wish Karl Rove were still around to play his dirty tricks and unit the party around some pliable faith based ideologue.  You might think Mitt Romney would be their man but you know is a Mormon.  Rudy might work but he seems prone to medical breakdowns when the heat goes up.  Mike Huckabee is simply a loose cannon and can not be counted upon to do the dirty work of the Republican establishment.  John McCain is not trusted because they have screwed him so many times before that they are sure that once elected, John will get even.  And although Fred is trustworthy, he will need so much sleep that he is not likely to last the rest of the campaign if nominated.

So the Republicans are perplexed and frustrated.  A few weeks ago they appointed a secret search committee headed by Vice President Dick “5 deferments” Cheney.  The first preliminary report was quietly circulated just before Christmas to the Republican inner cabal.  Their choice was none other than Dick Cheney himself!

The search committee reasoned that Dick could be fitted with another heart stimulator, just as back up, and rolled onto the various stages where he could speak to pre-selected friendly audiences.  While not on the campaign trail, Dick could stir up talk of war and terrorists, and of course, how he was the most prepared to protect America from these imaginary threats.  Dick’s motto will be “I’ll lead you in war so the rest of us can live in luxury”.

It is hard to say at this point whether this will be the committee’s final recommendation.  For a few hard core Republicans, this nomination is a blessing where they can continue trashing the gays and lesbians, denouncing the hard working Mexicans, and denying science and anything connected with it.  It is almost too good to be true.

The Chicken Hawks Ride Again

October 24, 2007

Little Georgie Bush and Big Bad Dick Cheney are on their “chicken hawk” high horse again and lashing out at Iran.  Some are saying that like Iraq, in the minds of these arm chair Generals, the decision to invade, bomb, or otherwise attack another sovereign country has been made.  What prompts this dysfunctional behavior from an Administration with a low 30’s approval rating?

1. These men are stupid.  They may be many things but stupid is not one.  George is inexperienced for sure and prone to making non-analytical decisions.  For all we know he may have consulted God again and gotten the green light.

2. These men do not learn from experience.  There is certainly ample evidence that this is true but that alone would not lead to a decision to invade Iran.

3. These men have been brain washed by Israel.  There is no doubt the Israeli Lobby and their wonderful contributions have been well appreciated by George and Dick.  Further, there is no doubt that Israel worries about Iran (and for very good reasons).  Israel would like nothing better than to drop a 1000 pounder down the chimney of the grand Ayatollah.  I don’t think our two fearless leaders were brain washed but they are comforted with the support of Israel.

4.  They want to keep attention away from Iraq and especially how we got into this mess.  I think we are getting very warm now.  Each time George and Dick can raise some other issue is another day closer to January 20, 2009 and then they are out of there.

5. They actually do want a military conflict with Iran.  I think this is the case.  For George and Dick it will be a self fulfilling prophacy.  George and Dick will claim, despite all the earlier lies, that the real reason they invade Iraq was all the bad guys (read radical Islamists) who were there.  Iran has got Iraq covered and then some.

6. Invading Iran is a left over Karl Rove strategy and probably the only way that Rudy, Mitt, or John can get elected.  To my regret this smells and sounds to close to the truth.  Bush and Cheney will stoop as low as it takes to keep people like them in power.

Our chief Chicken Hark (George) has also found time to speak out on two other issues needing no words from him.  Myanmar and Cuba have received threatening words from our peace President.  Clearly the man does not see he is wearing no clothes.

Rove and Crawford

August 19, 2007

August is proving to be a slow month for political news.  Congress is on vacation, the 2008 Presidential candidates are off in obscure places saying things they hope will not be heard outside the State they are in, and the number one newsmaker, George – please take my picture – Bush is on vacation in Crawford.  And to top it off, Karl Rove has announced his retirement from the Bush Administration so he should be quietly paddling into the sunset.

What you say that is not true?  Karl is still in the news and shows no sign of wanting to give up the spotlight.  He started the week by criticizing Hillary in an unprovoked attack.  Hillary actually welcomed the personal attack since it offered her a chance to respond by comparing herself to George Bush.  This is a comparison that even Pee Wee Herman would look good in.  Next Karl in answer to the claim that he was the “Oz” behind Bush, he asserted that neither he nor Dick Cheney was the “Oz”, and that he was merely a facilitator.

Historians will welcome this piece of news since they will be able to answer the pressing question of why the Bush Administration was so dismal.  Was the Bush Presidency high-jacked by Cheney and Rove, or did the President high-jack the entire cabinet.  The end result is just the same.  Rove participated in the worst Administration in modern times (if not ever) and was either dumb, stupid and an unthinking follower, or as most of us think, evil, underhanded, and a general low life that urged the President to accept terrible staff proposals for the sake of securing votes.  Bush would fare no better.  The buck stops with George and whether he lead Cheney/Rove astray or they lead him astray makes little difference.

The news scene has been absent in August much of the worthless rhetoric passed out by the White House largely because their chief prop, Georgie, has been on vacation for the month.  It suggest strongly that he should stay on vacation for the rest of this year and we should evaluate in December whether we need a President for 2008.  At some point we will clearly need a President, but it is well recognized that George and Dick will only bring us disastrous decisions while they line the pockets of the large financial benefactors.

Karl’s Gift to Hillary

August 17, 2007

Since announcing his departure from the Bush Administration, Karl Rove has opened a personal attack on Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the 2008 Democratic Party Presidential nomination.  What is the good old snake, Karl, thinking?

Some pundits say Karl wants to draw Hillary out and get the conservatives up in arms about the possibility of Hillary as President.  The thinking goes that the conservatives will then rally and support the Republican Party.  Sounds like it could be true but what else is involved?

1. Karl is not a patriot or selfless person.  His comments are for a reason and most likely for an unnamed Rove bennefactor.  My guess is Rove is trying to scare the heck out of Republicans and drive them to support Fred Thompson.

2. This could be a real stealth move in that Fred Thompson may not have decided to run yet and has not also decided on Rove’s help.  This is just classic Rove on the prowl.

3. It could also be a Trojan horse in the sense that the attacks are intended to prompt Hillary into a ill considered response and set the stage for subsequent Republican attacks.  He could also be diabolically thinking that Hillary will focus on Rove/Bush and take her eye off the other Democratic candidates, and in doing so, might jeopardize her her chances to win the nomination. 

We could speculate for a long time on what motivates Rove.  What he should be aware is that he has met his match with Clinton Inc.

1. Hillary will use the opportunity to lay out the foibles of the failed Bush Presidency.  She will easily show that the US is less secure today then when Bush took office.

2. Hillary will paint a picture of the current Iraq quagmire as the young boy (read inexperienced president) with his finger in a hole in the dike.  According to Republicans, if we take our finger out, we will be over come with the water on the other side.  What type of a responsible President could get his country into that type of spot?

3. Hillary will expand this picture to every aspect of the Bush Presidency and draw comparisons to responsible leadership and how well off Americans have been in the past compared to the Bush years.

4. Hillary will welcome back the disenfranchised immigrants, the rejected gay and lesbian community, the ignored poor and handicaped part of our population, and all the hispanics, blacks, and women who have gotten second rate treatment from the Bush Administration

5. And in response to any “John Mccain like dirty South Carolina attack (the whispering campaign), Hillary will chew Rove up and spit him out in a way that gets cheers from all Americans who support fair play.

Karl Rove Retrospective

August 14, 2007

In the almost teary “goodbye” address by little Georgie Bush and his brain, Karl Rove, we got a glimpse into the place in history that Karl will take.  It will assuredly not be a place where mainstream American values are honored.  It is much more likely to be a place where gutter rats play.

Karl has said he had a “vision” (so far so good) of turning the White House over to Republican party control for a generation if not longer (still ok but tell me more).  Karl wanted to install conservative ideology in place of the liberal/progressive ways of Bill Clinton (something does not smell right here, but I am listening).  And Karl had a plan.

Karl established data bases and methods to access them that enabled him and his workers to identify guarenteed and likely Republican voters.  He then crafted position statements for George to utter that were designed to appeal to these voters.  (hollow but sounds sensible so far).  But who were those voters?

1.  Most were the heart and soul of America, regular everyday Americans who, just like Red Sox or Yankee fans, they vote for Republicans because they always had.  Just one problem, these voters did not represent a majority.

2. To this base, Karl appealed to the evangelicals and fundamentalist.  He did it by buying out their television oriented leaders who were really more interested in wealth creation than saving souls.  Say no more than life begins at conception and we will agree with let’s go to war and let’s continue capital punishment.

3. To this he added the homo-phoebes and pitched an anti-gay/lesbian rhetoric so that these sorry people (the homo-phoebes) felt they were better in comparison.  This is a classic technique where you build up the self image of one loser by tearing down the image of another person.

4. And to finish off this coalition, Karl appealed to all those who favored certain special interests, like anti-Castro, anti-immigration, pro-guns (forget the slaughter that is going on in all major cities), and anti-woman rights.  Karl told them that Republicans favored these groups’ interest and they would be safe voting Republican.

This combination was in fact a majority in 2000 and 2004.  The American people, however are sometimes slow to see the deception but given time they do.  By 2006, the promises of better ways were clearly absent.  Worse there was a spirit in Washington that shouted “we do not believe in fair play”.   The dismal Bush record has not helped and the Iraq War is becoming clearer each day as a failure of enormous proportions.

History will record Rove as a low life, smart and hard working, but someone without values. 

Goodbye George, Hello Fred?

August 13, 2007

The process for realigning the George W Bush machine with future candidates is well underway.  Today the headlines are about Karl Rove and his departure from the White House.  The initial reports are about why now, and what next.  “Family and a book”, says Karl.

I believe the part about a book although it might be a little early.  A Rovian book would be one where, like Abraham Lincoln, he studied by the dim light of a fire place and worked his way to success.  Or even more likely, his book will be one that plants vicious rumors or claims against Democratic candidates or even possibly a “John Mccain attack” on a Republican candidate that Rove has been recruited to neutralize.

My guess is that Rove will sign on with Fred Thompson and take aim to oust Rudy Giuliani.  This should provide some very interesting sparks since Rudy will not likely lie down and take it like John did.  There is, of course, the chance that Rudy will try to recruit Karl first and turn his venomous techniques against the others.  Regardless, Karl is just salivating for a chance to attack Hillary.

Regardless of how much slime drips off Karl, you have to recognize the amazing success he has had with the George Bush product.  Bush, a pigmy of a man, won two elections he should never have won and lasted 6 years of total failure before the electorate finally caught up to him in 2006.  Karl is cold and calculating.  He is not a man of history nor one that looses sleep worrying about what people think of him.  My guess is that we will see Karl riding again in Fred Thomspon’s “red truck” by October.  

Scooter Again

August 6, 2007

Robert (Bob) Novak was interviewed today on the Diane Rheams radio talk show and brought some light onto his outing of Valerie Plame.  In this interview, Novak claimed

1. Richard Armitage told him that Ms Plame worked for the CIA and had suggested that her husband travel to Niger to investigate whether the Iraqi government and the Niger government were conspiring over the sale of Uranium yellow cake to Iraq.  Novak claimed it was an innocent exchange (meaning it was not planted).

2. Novak claimed that the Special Prosecutor knew that Armitage had leaked the information to Novak right from the beginning yet continued to question others until finally poor Scooter Libby slipped up and had a memory lapse.  Then “gotcha”.

3. This lead Novak to be disappointed with President Bush for commuting Libby’s sentence when he should have issued a full pardon.  Novak justified the pardon on the basis that there was no underlying crime.  He claimed Plame was not covert and was not working at that time in a covert operation.

This is roughly the same justification other conservative and White House supporters have used even though they were content with the impeachment of Bill Clinton for much less.  But who said politics is fair or even accurate.  What should be of interest is that Novak is a highly distributed columnist who’s opinions are heard by many either written or on television talk shows.  Novak seems to completely overlook:

1. Cheney and Rove organized a direct effort to discredit Joseph Wilson when he claimed that there was no evidence that Niger had sold yellow cake to Iraq.  One of their actions was to arrange calls by their aids (and themselves) to a hand full of reporters for the sole purpose of smearing Wilson.  How does Novak know that his contact with Armitage was not related to these activities?

2. At the most basic level, the evidence is all in and the Niger claim was patently untrue and the White House knew all along it was untrue.  Also after 5 years of fighting, not one WMD has been found. 

You are left with only a few possible conclusions

1. Cheney, Rove, and their supporting cast were either hugely incompetent and acted the way they did because they thought the information was correct, or they were as they appear to be, conspirators who cobbled up a reason to fight a war they wanted for other reasons and would not allow anyone to cast light on their cover up.

2. The list of reporters (Novak, Woodard, Cooper, Miller, and Russert) who would purport to share important and exclusive information (implied through their hard work) were actually co-opted and duped by the sinister White House leaders.  Since this put them in a compromised light, they have contributed to keeping the discussion on “who said what” rather than “why did they say what they said”.