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The Law And Order Candidate

July 22, 2016

Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, told Americans last evening he was the “law and order” candidate. In a one hour and fifteen minute exhortation, Trump gestured with both arms for emphasis while he recited all the things he viewed as wrong today, and how under a Trump Administration America will be great again. Hmmm.

At least on one point, the crumbling infrastructure, Trump was spot on. The only problem was that fixing the infrastructure will require billions if not trillions and with Trump’s promised massive tax cuts, one must wonder where the money will come from?

Our world is out of control, Trump says, and Americans are afraid. If Trump is alluding to the numerous cases of police shootings of African Americans, he was going off the reservation since most GOP members are more concerned about the fewer incidents of fellow Americans shooting police. With Trump it is unclear what he means and that’s just how he likes it.

Terrorists acts around the world were also featured in Trumps speech. Some how, as if magically, under President Trump ISIS is going to disappear and the world will be safe again. Hmmm.

In the seventy-five minute speech, Trump managed to avoid any details on what specific actions his Administration would take toward anything he had listed as something he would fix. What was clear, however, was that everything that was wrong (in Trump’s mind) was the direct result of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Gratuitously, Trump distilled the issue down to elect him and life will be good again.

Morning after poll numbers showed a dead heat between Trump and Clinton. This reflects a bump (increase in poll numbers for Trump) from four days of constant TV exposure. It is normal for each party to get a bump in ratings directly following its national convention. Hillary’s turn is next. Hmmm.

Trump’s promises are full of inconsistencies, both with reality (like more spending and lower taxes) and with the Republican platform itself. Clinton’s strategists may have a problem choosing the best points to refute since there are so many.

The over arching theme of “law and order’” is perplexing. Trump’s selection as the GOP standard bearer was a direct result of so many Americans worried about jobs, particularly good jobs. Most Americans have seen a life time’s worth of riveting TV about the shooting by police of African Americans than they have seen shootings of police officers. Trump should not expect to make the tragic shootings of police officers his central theme without equal time to the senseless killings of innocent Americans by police mistakes.

And, to underline this point, the one factor in common in all these killings are guns which are freely available. Trump’s beating of this horse will lead right into Hillary’s position on better gun controls. Hmmm.

A Presidential candidate’s shelf life should be a concern for Donald Trump. While he says many provocative statements, his oratory skills are narrow and not impressive. He has spoken like a bully and bluffer, and we should not expect much change during the general election campaign.