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Peace Prize

October 7, 2014

Today there was a political cartoon in the Philadelphia Inquirer and I am not sure whether the editors are thinking. If they are, then they are not thinking very clearly.

The cartoon pictures what looks like a fractured penny. On each of the fractured pieces, a word is written… Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. The title of the cartoon… Obama’s Peace Prize.

First let me make it clear, the Nobel Committee did no one a favor nominating Barack Obama for a Nobel Prize before his term as President had begun. Even worse was the decision by Obama to accept the prize. But that is history and has little to do with this cartoon.

The cartoon implies that the US, in some way, could have used force to avoid or quell war and violence in these countries just as one might poor oil on rough seas.

The “John McCain’s” of the right howled about keeping US troops in Iraq following the end of combat operations. In their mind, all bad outcomes are traceable to that.

Since the withdrawal of US combat troops, the only other recommendation I remember from America’s hawks involved either supplying or training or actually putting feet on the ground as military actions. It has been Obama’s reluctance for combat action that has kept sons and daughters of Americans mostly out of harms way. It seems few recognize this.

The media plays the tune, “if America does not lead, no one will” with the implication that the world will devolve into many different fighting zones if America does not act. Hmmm.

No one seems to complete that sentence. For example, “if America does lead, then the world will be at peace”. I wonder why no one is so bold?

Could it be that one war almost always begets another?

There are clearly times when combat is necessary. Dislodging the Taliban following 9/11 was such a time. A failed State had enabled an attack on America. Afghan nation building, which followed and continues to day, was simple well intended wishful thinking.

On further thought, maybe President Obama does deserve the Nobel Peace prize. If this is so, it will be justified for not what he has done, but what he has not.