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Trump Update Thanks To John McCain

July 19, 2015

The news headlines yesterday were emblazoned with “Trump calls McCain no war hero”. Oh, how could he say that? We all know that John McCain was a prisoner of war held and tortured by the North Vietnamese. How could Trump say such a thing? And more to the point, why would Trump say such words?

Most polls are showing Trump the leader amongst the many GOP Presidential primary candidates. His lead is small but the mere fact that someone totally unqualified to be President is leading the GOP pack is both disturbing and mind blowing. How could this be?

The Trumpster may wake up one of these days and begin to think he has a chance to be the 21st century Ronald Reagan. When that happens, we will see whether Donald regrets any of these brash comments he has made. Given his present approach, Trump is not likely to say publicly he regrets anything.

So what’s Trump’s message in attacking McCain?

IMO, there are two messages. The first is aimed at any GOP member who chooses to attack Trump, especially any candidate who labels Trump as unqualified. The McCain attack was “pay back” and a warning to Bush et al about what might await them if they were to criticize the Trumpster.

The second message is to reaffirm with the public that he, Donald the Trump and him alone is brave enough to say the king has no cloths (tell it as it is). In fact John McCain was not a war hero in the sense of Audie Murphy. John McCain was a pilot who got enormously unlucky and got shot down and captured. From all accounts, McCain acted with great courage and honor during his captivity and suffered grievous injuries at the hands of his captors. While McCain should be held with high respect by the public for his war time service, his political career mark his as is just another Republican or Senate member. Trump used this unusual method to remind the public of that.

Trump’s supporter got the message while those against Trump became outraged. The big question is what message did Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker receive?

Trump’s appeal appears to lie in the fact that at least part of what he says is considered true by his supporters and “politically” incorrect by his detractors.  More and more people are getting tired of “political” correctness.  I wonder whether anyone is thinking about whether the Trumpster is making a case for his qualification as President?