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Nader’s Choice

February 24, 2008

Today Ralph Nader once more announced his candidacy for the office of President of the United States.  There was a chorus of groans, snarls, and some cheers.  Why has Ralph decided to run again?

No one really knows the answer but if you believe Ralph, he is running to save America from itself.  Ralph sees a tissue paper difference between the Democrats and the Republicans and believes the country must hear someone speak to the real issues facing the nation.  How anyone could see the current Administration as benign and similar to either history or today’s Democratic Party, I do not understand, unless

1. He thinks that George W Bush is not an abberration and does represent the compassionate conservatives who are the real Republicans.

2. Both parties are fueled by special interests and lobbyist who provide immense amounts of cash in return for favors.  Ask yourself why do people run for offices that pay $140,000 per year and then spend multi-millions on their campaigns?

3. Both parties, year after year, promise one thing and deliver quite another.  The institutional mind of both the media and the public is very short.

4. The Green Party platform is not fully embraced by either the Democrats or the Republicans and therefore it is Nader’s duty to run.

5. Ralph is getting older and less able to separate self actualization from destiny, and both from reality. 

Ralph Nader is not a force to worry about in this election.  He could, however, trigger other third party entries and they could alter the current outlook.