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GOP Snooze

November 11, 2015

The Republican National Committee’s Presidential debate last evening focused mainly on policy. Moderated by Fox, the debate (no fault of Fox) was a snoozer. Over night the media has rehashed the various comments and declared certain candidates winners and others losers. It seems, according to the media, that the candidates chose not to attack each other (and appear Presidential). Hmmm.

The candidates, of course, tossed out headline grabbing quotes. Ranging from deporting 11 million undocumented aliens to ISIS is the greatest danger on earth today (or as Lindsey Graham says, “ISIS is coming to America”) to tax code reform that will lead to growth in the 4+% range, the candidates could just as easily taken turns reading Mitt Romney’s 2012 stump speeches.

Worse than simply repeating old GOP promises, is repeating old GOP promises which have not been born out in fact. Cutting taxes on the wealthy simply does not stimulate the economy when those at the bottom (who buy what is produced) do not have enough discretionary money. Government spending on infrastructure could produce the means for greater global competitiveness (more jobs), but cutting taxes leaves no room for investment and reducing the debt.

Defense spending is a perennial GOP favorite and in some regards can be counted upon to stimulate the economy. Unfortunately, the GOP does not like to discuss the “guns or butter” aspect of Defense Spending with no new taxes.

The GOP does have a problem. The candidates currently are playing a game of “not losing versus each other”. How will they whittle down the candidate list and ultimately select a candidate?

Apparently the GOP is content with “free” advertising for their brand and will deal with any collateral damage later. In the meantime most of America would prefer football games or simply just a good “snooze”.