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What Keeps Me Awake At Night

September 16, 2007

Living in a large city I hear plenty of sirens each night that could keep me awake.  But actually these cries from Ambulances, Fire Trucks, and Police Cars do not disturb my sleep.  Here is my top 5:

1. President Bush will remain in office until January 20, 2009 !  What dangers lurk ahead?

2. Vice President Cheney will continue to be one heart beat away from becoming the Chief Executive, and we all know what danger will come with that.

3. With little or no hope of any form of stable Iraqi government emerging in the next 16 months, the temptation to do something stupid and militarily against Iran remains a distinct possibility.  Darth Vader Cheney would see such a military move as a win-win.  It would fit his Iran containment strategy and it would totally defocus the Country’s attention on Iraq.

4. There could be another Supreme Court opening through death or sudden retirement.  While it is likely the Senate would not approve another ideologue, the bitter fight would be a preview of the Presidential race with both Democrats and Republicans pandering to extreme special interest groups.

5. The neoconservatives will push the White House to continue its unwise policies towards Russia.  This will provide plenty of cover for the Kremlin hawks to jump start their military leveraged Moscow government, and march towards “Cold War II”.  It is one thing if that is what Putin actually wants, but it is quite another if CWII results from a reaction against the star wars program that is certain to not work and equally certain to cost too much.

Crowded out by these big worries are things like

  • Reducing Green House gas emissions
  • Sharply reducing our dependence on imported oil
  • Dealing with the social issues that interfer with health care coverage for all
  • Ensuring the social contract with all Americans and working to secure Social Security.
  • Returning to a fiscally sound management of the budget
  • Engendering a spirit of inclusiveness for all those in America.
  • Demonstrating a respect and value for science

I wonder how many of these worries are shared by the 2008 Presidential candidates?