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A Waste Of Time?

March 11, 2015

The past few days have been filled with news reports sprinkled with pundits opinions, and even (believe it or not) politicians’ pompous outlooks (if not outright accusations) over Hillary Clinton’s private email server. When Secretary of State, Clinton used her own private email account, housed on her own server, to conduct her State Department, non-classified, business. In 2009, after Clinton had begun this practice, Congress passed a law aimed at protecting and archiving all government business. At dispute is whether Clinton complied with these regulations.

Hillary has long seen the world as either friend or enemy (right wing conspiracy). During her husband’s Presidential term, Hillary advised against appointing an Independent Counsel because she feared the Independent Counsel (Ken Starr) would take license and investigate subjects far from the original target (Whitewater land issue). Given the report’s expense and conclusions, Hillary’s judgement seems today to have been prudent.

In this current “use of a private email”, her opponents have intimated all sorts of potentially undesirable uses Clinton could have made while Secretary of State. Their solution, turn over the server for an experts review. Hmmm. Does it like Ken Starr again?

Given the tenor of President Obama’s two terms and the indignities he has had to withstand from the highly partisan Congress, Congress members’ criticism, while regrettable, is easily understood for what it is. The shock has been the Washington reporting press.

The press has, like a light switch, flipped from a focus on President Obama to Hillary Clinton. There isn’t a speculation too small for the 24/7 television media to overlook. Righteousness spills forth in talk show after talk show.

And why? No one has alleged that Hillary has done anything illegal or for personal gain. All of her “work related” emails, those sent to other Government employees, are already achieved since the recipients all used government servers. So what’s the interest?

The obvious answer is “Hillary Clinton for President”.

Short of some medical issue, Hillary will become the Democrat standard bearer. Given how the GOP has governed with its Congressional majorities, Hillary should be considered a highly probably first female President. Hmmm. Now it is coming clearer why the right would want to slim her. But why would the media take part so fully?

The answer to the media’s motives is not so clear. Today the Clinton email affair is simply good entertainment business. In the longer term, I wonder whether the media fears that Hillary will be too tough and clever, and outwit the pundits?

There should be no doubt that Hillary will remember which media hosts or reporters treated her fairly and which ones did not. If she become President Clinton II, “fair and balanced” news will be a item of the past.