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On Again, Off Again Larry

September 5, 2007

It looks like Republican Senator Larry Craig may be changing his mind and will choose to remain in office despite his press conference declaring his intent to resign at the end of September.  The cause behind his “intent” resignation was the embarrassment the Republican Party experienced when Senator Craig was caught up in a police sting operation in the Minneapolis airport men’s room.  The Republicans put the arm to poor Larry and told him it was time to leave.

We should remember

1. This was a sting operation and Larry might have been entrapped.

2. Although number 1 is very unlikely, it is a victim-less crime and the alleged crime is done between consenting adults.

3. There is a reason for Craig to resign and it lies in his previous hypocritical behavior in speaking out against gays and then showing all the signs of at least liking same sex relations.  If your Senator can not keep his life consistent, how can you trust him on other matters.

4. Of course this also highlights the even grosser hypocricy of the political establishment.  Craig was railroaded because, unlike Senator Vitter who frequented call girls, Senator Craig’s transgression was homosexual and less practiced than the world’s oldest profession.  Craig might also have been railroaded in addition because his seat was secure in that he was from a State with a Republican governor.  Craig’s replacement would be a republican.

5. Lastly, it really looks like Senator Craig, although able and cunning, is a hollow person.  He should not have been trolling the stalls or he should now admit that he perfers to have a liberated sex life that includes other males.  At least then he would be honest and that would be refreshing for Washington, DC. 

I wonder whether we will hear any of the candidates speak out on this?