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Stars And Bars, And Bobby Jindal

June 25, 2015

South Carolina has seen fit for many years to display the Confederate Flag either atop the State Capital Building or directly adjacent to it. The flag seemed to reflect a majority South Carolinian view regardless of what the rest of America might have thought. Honoring those who had fought for the South was considered an acceptable justification. Those opposed to the flag’s display cited slavery and the horrific impact upon African Americans as reason enough not to fly the Stars and Bars. The actions of Dylann Roof, however, have started South Carolina officials to rethink the flag’s use.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced his candidacy for the GOP Presidential nomination today. He becomes the 13th announced candidate and most likely not the last. As Governor of a “deep south” State, Jindal’s entry represents both the celebration of a journey (son of immigrants to Presidential candidate) and “scratch your head wondering”, why is he running?

Jindal is a Catholic born from parents who emigrated from India. I guess you would call him “Indian American”. Hmmm.

Jindal is also said to be a born again Catholic, very evangelical and extremely conservative in most ways. His record as Governor has been spotty and although he was hailed in 2008 as a future GOP heavy weight, Jindal has little to show from his years as Governor.

One of the reasons pundits are offering for South Carolina’s reconsideration of the Confederate Flag’s display has to do with the enormous demographic change underway. Automobile manufacturers have brought many new residents to South Carolina as has retirees from all over the country who find the climate in the Palmetto State so attractive. Suddenly the State which was the first to secede, is looking a lot more like the rest of America.

Bobby Jindal is in his own way a similar success story. Jindal has been accepted by Louisianians even though he is/was not one of the good old boys. One would think therefore that Jindal should also be ready for the national stage. Maybe but I wonder. With growing good jobs and convincing Americans that national security is in good hands as probably the two most important national issues, Jindal seems wanting in both departments.  Louisiana has huge budget deficits and a stagnating economy.

The final disposition of the Stars and Bars issue will probably follow what’s best for South Carolina’s economy, and most likely the flag will move to museums. Jindal’s campaign seems dead on arrival and many wonder why he would even waste time to announce.

Would Jindal be a better pick than say Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, George Pataki, or Lindsay Graham? Where would he stack up against Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, Carli Florina or Mike Huckabee? Even if one argues that Jindal is competitive with this mix, that is damning with faint praise.

I cannot image Jindal giving Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or Scott Walker any competition. So why is he entering?

Balancing a ticket is a very long short. Hmmm. If you think about it, the only ticket he might balance would be if were the VP for Hillary.

The Stars and Bars and Bobby Jindal are both things that have had their day and now need to move out of the public spot light. Jindal has been scoring less than 1% preference in national polls which puts him below the Stars and Bars.

But why should I question Jindal’s candidacy, Donald Trump is an even larger pretender. Good luck Bobby.