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China and Tibet

March 30, 2008

What would you say if the healines read, “North Philadelphia black community declares independence”?  The report went on to say that Black Leaders claimed City, State, and Federal agencies had conspired to keep the free people of North Philadelphia in poverty and were robbing these free people of their cultural identity.  Pointing to the rate of incarceration, Black Leaders said there were 10 blacks for every white prisoner.  This oppression has to end.   Venezuela, Yemen, Iran, and North Korea moved to recognize the independence of North Philadelphia, while Russia and China urged US officials to use restraint in dealing with this situation.  Russia and China suggested an international fact finding mission be established.  US Government officials declared that this was a domestic issue and did not involve the international community.  One official said that North Philadelphia was an intrinsic part of the US and could not be separated under any conditions.

Sound a little strange?  Well it should not because the international community has found plenty of time to speak out against China in its handling of the Tibetan monks uprising.  There is probably plenty of blame to go around in Tibet.  The Chinese seem obtuse at times in dealing with issues such as Hong Kong or Taiwan that are functioning quite well.  Those in Hong Kong or Taiwan who seek independence do it for money or more accurately, their ability to obtain and retain it.  In Tibet, you must be kidding yourself that it is about “praying”.  Tibet is about money too and specifically about the monks’ ability to make it and keep it without Chinese merchants taking too much of a share.  Tibet is a poor country and there is not so much to go around.

This is a time for international restraint.  The world leaders can say what they wish in private with the Chinese Government but in public, the wise should keep quiet.  There is a “Tibet” in almost every nation.