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Political Chuckles

September 4, 2015

Today is a slow news day. It is early September just before the Labor Day Weekend. Here’s vignettes to put a smile on your face.

President Obama has just secured enough Senate votes to ensure the GOP cannot override his veto of a promised Congressional resolution aimed at negating the Iran nuclear deal. Kim Davis, the born again christian and County Clerk in Kentucky who refused to obey court orders to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples is behind bars. Tom Brady has prevailed in a court case against the NFL. And there is maybe some light in the possibility of closing Guantanamo. Each of these stories carries some humor that might light up these slow news times.  Hmmm.

The Iran nuclear deal is a reasonably important matter which holds the potential for another Middle East war up to and including the use of nuclear weapons. One would think Congress would be highly motivated to avoid war.  Clearly, Iran, might cheat on the deal’s terms and proceed secretly to develop nuclear weapons. Such a consequence will likely lead to military action. So, wouldn’t a prudent person object to the deal?

Here’s the humor. Iran is just as free today to develop nuclear weapons, do it secretly, and claim profusely it is not. Once the West were to establish Iran had nuclear weapons, guess what, military action could follow. So, how can 100% of Republican Congress members all vote against the deal. Are they unable to see a difference or are they more interested in a political statement against President Obama?

Kim Davis is sadly in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. She has claimed the “laws of God” have provided her the authority to ignore a Federal Court order. While this is both sad and unfortunate for Ms Davis, her custody is offering a wonderful opportunity for panderers like Mike Huckabee. He has endorse her “good” fight and is now planning to visit Davis while she in jail. Huckabee, who is a Presidential candidate and if elected would need to swear he would defend the Constitution and the laws of the land seems to see this one differently. I wonder whether he is trying “Trump” this issue to get his name out, or whether he does not see the connection with Sharia law advocates?

Tom Brady, the NFL New England Patriots’ quarterback, who got the book thrown at him over allegations that he knew about the activities leading to the use of under inflated footballs in a playoff game. NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodall, chose to play the role of arbitrator in a NFL versus NFL players union dispute over Brady’s four game suspension. The Court ruled, in essence, that Goodall violated the terms of the NFL Players Agreement and vacated the penalties Goodall had levied and then ruled as arbitrator as ok. The humor lies in the big Goodall picture. Until the public began hinting they would not buy advertisers’ products, Goodall paid little attention to off-field player behavior. Since getting “religion”, the morality rudderless Goodall has issued one penalty after another that made no consistent sense. The court’s verdict was not a statement of Brady’s innocence, but instead was a slap down for the Commissioner.

Today’s last piece of humor is a variant of the Iran nuclear deal. The GOP has nearly unanimously opposed Guantanamo Detention Center’s closing. The basis, they claim, is they don’t want the remaining “dangerous” detainees moved onto US soil. These detainees were simply too dangerous, the GOP claimed. Once again humor can be seen in (1) seemingly lack of knowledge that US Federal “supermax” prisons hold and have held far more dangerous prisoners, and (2) the “don’t close Guantanamo” seem to lack the very basic awareness that due process is the backbone of American jurisprudence. These Congress members are our lawmakers. Don’t you see the humor?

Admittedly humor might be a stretch in these cases. Hypocrisy might better apply. I see the humor, however, when the subjects come forward, stand tall, and profess to hold certain opinions which are clearly inappropriate if not outrightly incorrect.

No Moral Compass

May 12, 2015

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots just got whacked by the NFL as a result of what pundits have dubbed “deflate-gate”. The NFL appears to have waited until it had assessed the public response to a variety of sanctions and then announced its punishment. Brady was suspended for 4 games and the team was fined one million dollars and the loss of two draft picks. End of story?

The story began in January in a playoff game between the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. The game was played on a cold day at the Patriots home filed in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Following an arcane NFL rule, the Patriots and the Colts presented game officials 8 footballs each team proposed to use during the game. That’s right, the Pats use their balls and the Colts use their own. The balls are checked for air pressure and then given back to each team for safe keeping until game time. Hmmm.

Again why aren’t the balls checked at kick off time?  And more basically, why don’t the players use the same balls?

Deflat-gate went as follows. At half time with the Pats slightly ahead, someone alerted the referees to check the Patriot’s footballs. And low and behold, the balls were found to be under inflated. The referees then supervised the adjustment of each ball to regulation pressure and the second half began.

And the Patriots now playing with a “legal” ball, kicked the crap out of the Colts winning easily.

Nobody associated with the Patriots could explain the under inflation. Visibly the owner, head coach, and Tom Brady seemed to think it was a big deal. But others did.

The NFL initiated an independent investigation and after four months issued a finding. “More probable than not” Tom Brady knew about the deflation. Hmmm.

Where has proof based upon evidence gone?

The NFL has recently sent mixed messages concerning domestic violence. The League seemed to be balancing attendance economics with public perception. At first the league appeared to look the other way and then when there was an outcry (which could have adversely impacted sponsors), the League got on its high horse and metered out draconian punishments.

Now along comes deflate-gate and the League has no idea what to do.  The under inflation clearly had not affected the games outcome.

So, the League goes ahead and hands out a severe punishment with no proof that Brady initiated the air pressure reductions. The NFL said it was about the integrity of the game. Hmmm.

If one assumes the finding of “more probable than not” should read Brady instigated the deflation, than a suspension of some sort seems reasonable. One can argue how many games should be involved but at least one would withstand the smell test.

The fact that it took almost four months to investigate the “integrity” of the games tells me the NFL simply does not have a moral compass. The only compass the NFL possesses is a money compass which cause to the League to look one way if the compass says more money, and the other way if the compass reads less money.