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Tony Baloney

May 19, 2007

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is making his Michael Jordon final tour and at each stop he shocks his audiences by claiming he would do it all over again even with what he now knows.  This is truely astonishing and makes you think he is delusional or that his spin handlers have concluded that any other answer will cause history to treat him even more poorly.

I suspect Tony would like to say that he jumped on Bush’s Iraq wagon for the following reasons:

1. The war would be a piece of cake and the general good feeling could be parleyed into favorable election returns.

2. Regime change in Iraq would open up even more favorable oil access for BP and Shell, and of course both grateful companies would generously contribute to Labor’s treasury.

3. The Bush/Cheney hubris sparkled so bright that Tony was blinded and mistook two disasters waiting to happen with King Arthur.

4. Since Jacque Chirac was against it, this made it almost obligatory for England to join the coalition.

5. All of the above, and with the added belief that Iraq was simply the first step in a new world order and more wars were to follow.  Tony swallowed hook, line and sinker what Cheney and Rumsfeld were smoking and wanted to be seated as close as he could to the next Caesar.

It is a shame that Blair made this miscalculation.  He began his Prime Minister-ship at a time when England needed fresh new leadership.  Tony provided it and seemed to grow in stature each day.  It all seems so clear now that Bush and his merry men (and Condi too) did not know their asses from third base.  Tony should have seen this clearly since he deals with “waste matter full” polititians all the time.  But he did not, or chose not, and history will so note.