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A Year of Frustration

December 25, 2009

The coalition of right wingers, conservatives, and the growing “I hate Government” groups are ending 2009 very frustrated. They are madder than heck and they aren’t going to take it any more. And the madder they get, the more incoherent their slams against President Obama become. What are these people thinking?

The common themes mindlessly trumpeted revolve around “socialism” (it is coming fast, they say), ruthlessness (Barack Hitler Obama is coming after you), and fiscal irresponsibility (Obama has spent so much our grandchildren will be broke). If having a progressive and enormously sensible President were not so important, most of these claims would be outrightly laughable. The theory seems to be that if one says and repeats something many, many times, it will be believed no matter how preposterous it is.

These frustrated reactionaries have real reason to worry. They need not worry that any of their claims are true or will come to be. Rather, they should worry that President Obama’s thoughtful and relatively fact based approach to policy will begin producing even more positive results with both domestic and foreign affairs in the coming year. As more people go back to work and the economy begins to regain its confidence, the “frustrated” will be exposed like the king who had no clothes on.

But, the majority of us, we must recognize these are still dangerous times. Like a child playing with matches, the house can burn down even though the child never intended to burn it. This frustrated coalition’s rhetoric sounds just like “matches”, and they just might ignite a fire in some simple minded admirer, who, in turn, could take Democracy into his own hands.

At year end, my wish would be for everyone to ask simple questions like, “do we need to use such harsh terms to characterize the President?” If so, then “what exactly are the rock hard facts that support each claim?”