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Down Under Bathrooms

February 28, 2017

As I await boarding my plane back to the US, I read (via internet) that a Federal Judge has intervened in a transgender bathroom use case. President Trump has already reversed an executive order mandating that a transgender person be allowed to use the bathroom of their sex identity, so is this Judge’s ruling a step towards a Constitution test of transgender rights?

Frankly I find this matter silly and representative of a weak puritanical mind set. The hysterical claims that allowing transgender people to use the bathroom opposite their birth sex would loose on the public sex deviates determined to rape or abuse little girls. Hmmm.

The world has other ideas about bathroom (toilets) usage. In most of Europe, China, Japan, and yes, even Australia, toilet access often involves a “two holers” with locking doors, neither of which is designated with a male or female sign. I guess Australians feel that a locked door is sufficient and with solid walls, privacy is adequately protected.

The real hoot about this controversy is to consider the example where a transgender male (born female), now fully transitioned wearing shorts, a tank top, and sporting facial hair pops into a female restroom (following the law) but against her wishes. Do you think the other restroom users would feel more or less comfortable with “him” in their restroom?